Ask Away...: 4 Home DIY Projects That Are Easier Than You Think

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

4 Home DIY Projects That Are Easier Than You Think

While not everybody physically recoils when they hear the words ‘DIY”, there are many people out there who don’t realize that there’s a lot more that they’re capable of than they think they are. If you’re one of those people who already have the basics of DIY locked down, it might be time to step up your game and see what else you’re capable of. It’ll be a challenge, of course, but you’ll be expanding your skill set and improving your home at the same time. So say goodbye to the pros, because from now on you’ll be going solo.

Custom Furniture

You don’t have to settle for furniture from Ikea, or anywhere else for that matter. You can make your own. There are two ways you can do this. You can find an old piece of furniture and then put your own spin on it, creating a one of a kind piece that’s tailored for your home in the process, or you can build a piece entirely from scratch. Of the two options, improving a second-hand piece is easier. Simple find a piece you like and then get to work.  

Outdoor Woodwork

Inside our home we often take care of the essentials: in our gardens, we can have fun. This summer, test your skills by challenging yourself to complete a few woodwork projects. It’ll depend on the size and shape of your garden, of course, but popular ideas include adding an outdoor decking (perfect for those long summer nights) or making a bench. If you go for the bunch, put the seats on hinges: that way, you’ll have storage space inside that can keep your cushions and other items dry when the rain comes.

Interior Metal Decor

Of all the home DIY projects, none are quite as intimidating to people as the metalwork projects. However, they’re not as difficult as you might think: anyone can do them, so long as they have the right tools. The key is to have the right welder, especially if you haven’t used one before. Before buying one, read this review of the Hobard Handler 14 first for an idea of what you should be looking for. Once you have a welder, you’ll be able to make things like ornate fireplace doors, coat hangers, coffee tables, and much more.  

Changing the Floors

Thinking of making the shift from carpet to hardwood floors? Don’t assume you’ll need to flick through the phone book to find a professional. If you have any DIY experience, you’ll almost certainly be able to up to the task yourself. It’s tricky, of course, but by following online tutorials and exhibiting a bit of patience, you’ll be able to have beautiful hardwood floors all through your own hard work.

And Much More

This is just a sample of the home DIY projects that you should be attempting yourself, but the list is a lot longer. It’s all about having some basic skills and tools, and then experimenting to see what you can come up with. Above all, home DIY should be fun!

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