Ask Away...: A Dog Is For Life, Not Just For Summer

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

A Dog Is For Life, Not Just For Summer

Buying a new puppy for the household can seem like a no-brainer, especially when you consider for five seconds the cute feelings that one can provide. It’s difficult to dissuade the calls of your children to buy one too when deep down you are still that child wanting to play with a puppy yourself. How can you say no?

To celebrate the summer, you might be tempted to go ahead and purchase that puppy that you’ve been considering all year round. What better way to enjoy the period that your children have off school than to bring a puppy into the fold, and bring your family even closer together?

However, a puppy is not just for summer. They are individuals, and need to be respected and cared for. They need training in the right way, and they need to know the boundaries of behavior within your family. A dog that isn’t disciplined in the right way is a dog without direction, and a dog without direction can be difficult to handle in many circumstances.

To begin with, it’s important that you read this guide to training a puppy from, in which you can learn all of the basics in handling your puppy, training it’s toilet capacity, and making sure that it respects you and the members of your family.

That being said, you need to consider:

Your Children

Remember, a puppy will soon grow into a large dog, depending on the breed. A golden retriever or Labrador will usually get to the size of at least a small child, but with much more power and energy to burn. If you have a house filled with infants, you need to keep in mind this much-accelerated growth spurt that dogs undertake.

When they are boisterously running around the house in response to mealtime or someone they don’t know knocking on the door, make sure that your children aren’t likely to get injured, knocked over, or otherwise harmed by your dog. This can include both accidental harm and preventable harm, such as a mean temperament in a dog in response to it being poorly disciplined.

Your Other Pets

Your other pets need to be thought of before you bring in another dog. Cats and dogs are famous cartoon enemies, but they usually get on in the same household thanks to them respecting each other's space. Two dogs, however, might not get on. Make sure you gently introduce the new puppy into your household and allow the current pets to be exposed to the pet in a way that will put them at ease.

Your Security

In the excitement to bring a puppy into the household, you might forget to ensure that your property is equipped to handle it. If your garden lacks fencing, what stops your dog from escaping and running away when he or she is older? This is not only irresponsible because your dog could get lost, but it’s irresponsible for members of the public to encounter a dog they do not know, and that includes traffic that could be interrupted in harmful ways by an excited dog.

Keep on top of these responsibilities, and you will be sure to remain a worthy pet owner.

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