Ask Away...: Advice For Smokers; 3 Things To Help You Stop Smoking

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Advice For Smokers; 3 Things To Help You Stop Smoking

Smoking is a very destructive habit, too many of us do it! It increases your risk of the majority of cancers, it can damage your skin and teeth, it’s looked down upon in society and it’s a drain on your wallet! Quitting can be incredibly difficult, so here are 3 ways to help you quit smoking!


Hookah smoking has become a very widespread phenomenon within the USA, and for a good reason! It’s a much safer version of smoking cigarettes. Hookahs work by dousing a very small amount of tobacco in different fluids that have different tastes such as mint or strawberry which you smoke. You can get your own Hookah setup from websites like World Of Shisha, using Hookahs is a good way to quit cigarettes because they involve smoking less tobacco, which means that you’re exposed to less nicotine which is the addictive substance within cigarettes so your body can get used to less and less nicotine until you’re ready to quit!

E Cigarettes

Another emerging way to quit cigarettes is to replace them with e cigarettes. These are excellent ways of getting rid of the habit! A lot of smokers struggle to quit because they need something to constantly fiddle with, e cigarettes offer this as they come in the form of a pen sized machine that you can take around with you and smoke wherever. The liquid that you smoke is often free from nicotine so it can work as a good placebo to trick your body into thinking that you’re smoking! You don’t need to be in any designated smoking area for e cigarettes either, which makes them much more accessible. They are also much cheaper too, e liquids only cost a few dollars for 10ml so it’ll save your wallet!

Nicotine Patches

Nicotine patches are a good way to get off cigarettes too. They work by giving your body a metered dose of nicotine per patch, meaning you can get the nicotine that your body needs, you can then begin to slowly start to lower the doses you use, getting you off them completely eventually! You can buy these patches from websites like Chemist Warehouse,they come in large packs and aren’t very expensive so they’re a good product to buy. As well as offering your body nicotine, they also take out the other risks of smoking such as tar build up in the lungs and the exposure to the carcinogenic substances that are found within cigarettes.

Hopefully you take on board some of this advice to try and cut down on smoking! The benefits of quitting, or even just replacing cigarettes are well worth it. You’ll find yourself spending less money and feeling better with your body, as well as reducing your risk of getting any form of illness from smoking! And once you’ve finally quit, you’ll realize it was all definitely worth it! It can be hard to stop for a lot of people, especially if you smoke to relax, so if you’re looking for something to get you relaxed that isn’t going to damage your body, read this article for a guide on how to do so with just what is in your house!

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