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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Bright Spark: Lighten Up A Dark House


When you go to view a house, the owners will have pulled out all the stops to try and win you over. After all, they will try and do everything they can to try and get you to put in an offer on their property. And as you will most probably be viewing the home during the day, you might not notice one common problem that some homes have - they can be very dark.

So, once you’re all moved in, you might be very disappointed to find that you have purchased quite a dim and dingy home. But don’t worry too much! These tips will help you brighten it up.

Choose Matte Paint

Lots of people redecorate once they move into a new home. If you are planning on repainting all the walls, you should opt for a matte paint rather than a gloss. Think this sounds counterintuitive? It may be, but it really does work wonders to brighten up your home. Gloss paints create a glare which can make your rooms appear dimmer. However, matte paints reflect light, so light will be spread around each room.

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

You can learn more here about how you can make your bathroom impressive to guests and visitors. One main way to do that is to hang lots of ornate mirrors. But did you know that this actually serves another great purpose as well? Hanging plenty of mirrors helps to reflect light around rooms, just like matte paint does, and will create an illusion of light and space.

Clean Your Windows

Are you sure that you really do have a problem with light in your house? Sometimes, it’s actually a problem with the windows. It’s a good idea to thoroughly clean all the property’s windows as soon as you move in. Once you get rid of all the dirt and grime from the glass, you might find that a lot more light shines through into your rooms.


Remove Trees And Plants

If there are a few trees and large plants or hedges outside your home, they might be blocking out all the natural light. You might really benefit from getting your green fingers out and cutting and pruning large plants, shrubs, and hedges to allow more light to stream through the windows. When it comes to dealing with larger trees, you will be better off seeking help from a professional tree surgeon.

Stay Away From Bold Art

Sometimes, the art choices you pick for your home can have an impact on the way light appears in your home. For example, if you choose bold, dark pieces, you might find that they can be quite overwhelming as they can absorb all the light. If you do love dark artworks, save them for rooms that are easily flooded with light.

Don’t despair when you find that a property is actually a lot darker than what you had expected. As you can see, there are plenty of ways to remedy this issue.
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