Ask Away Blog: Change The Fabrics And Materials In Your Home For Greater Comfort

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Change The Fabrics And Materials In Your Home For Greater Comfort

Colors, patterns and shapes make up our surroundings in the home. They form a part of who we are because they become the most-used things in our life. However, textures matter too because the wrong kind of fabric can send you into a frenzy of endless scratching. On the other hand, soft and supple materials can send you off to Narnia, where you’ll sleep like a baby and want to roll around in the softness. Additionally, if you have children with skin conditions or you’re very susceptible to forming a rash, the right fabric is crucial for your health. Mixing fabrics is just as important as mixing metals. However, it’s no surprise that most design teams when they build homes, don’t use high-quality, soft fabrics for the decor design. This is because, the cost of the best textures is always going to be higher, and that is no secret for those who want to spruce up their interior a little. Sometimes, you’ve just got to bite the bullet, and go right on ahead, and get the best of the best. However, your home only needs the soft, velvet-smooth fabrics for some parts of the furniture.

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Swap the leather

Leather couches are something many people love. Mainly because the look of a sleek, dashing, leather sofa is really quite chic and sophisticated. However, with regards to function, it can be rather lacklustre. Leather takes a while to break in, and become flexible. It doesn’t like to stretch a lot, and rather than mold around your body, it resists your weight. That’s fine if you want more support for your joints, but not as comfortable as other options. Swap the leather, for a silky smooth polyester and nylon upholstery fabric mix. The cushions themselves should be stuffed with cotton or wool and not feathers. Feathers attract dust, and over time, trap dead skin cells, thus, making your itch and scratch. If you don’t want manmade, synthetic fibers, then go for cotton because it’s smooth to the touch, each to wash and doesn’t stick to you as leather does in warmer temperature.

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Sleep soundly

The bed is incredibly underrated in most people’s mind because, all you need is something that’s able to support you, and allow you to doze off without making noise when you flip over or have springs in the mattress that squeak. However, no style or pizazz should come into the decision-making when it comes to being comfortable on and in your bed. Some bed sheets for sale, are made from Egyptian cotton, with a threat count of 1800, making for some of the best affordable bed sheets around. Whether it’s duvet covers, pillow cases, comforters or mattress protection, a fabric which is smooth and silky, and world-renowned for being the most comfortable to the skin, is something you cannot replicate with any other material. Rather than any old best sheet, Egyptian cotton sheets should be seen as an investment, giving you year and years of trance-like sleepful nights.

Image by - David Martyn Hunt

Cushions are everywhere

Wherever you are in your home, whether it’s the living room, bedroom, dining room or the patio, lounge cushions are there to give you extra support when you need it. If you find yourself hanging around the patio seating area, enjoying a glass of wine in the evening, sitting on a hard deck chair or wall is far from ideal. Therefore you should give your joints and rest, and sit on a cushion that’s made from a good, soothing material. A jacquard woven curtain fabric does surprisingly well for a cushion material because it has just the right amount of spring and absorption. The best mix will be 50% cotton and 50% silk. The silk gives your back, feed or bottom, a smooth surface to rest on, while the cotton stops you from slipping off the silk. For padding, again, nothing beats mother nature so use wool. Preferably, if you’re willing to spend a little extra, lamb’s wool is better than sheep, because it’s got the bounce of youth in it.

Computer chair

Although not used as much as the sofa or bed, in the modern world a lot of people spend time at the computer desk. All those hours of endless sitting takes a toll on your upper back, and pelvis. You need something support, more so than you do soft in texture. Polyester office chairs are better than the rest because it they can withstand the wear and tear of daily use more than any other common material. If you want a chair with armrests, polyester isn’t the best for soothing skin conditions like eczema. Simply put a towel made from cotton over the armrests, and you can feel free to rest your elbows on the rests without cracking your skin and drying up.

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