Ask Away...: Finding Ways To Celebrate The Ordinary Days

Monday, July 31, 2017

Finding Ways To Celebrate The Ordinary Days

Most of us have a special woman in our life; a guru, a muse, somebody that we look up to. Whether it’s our mother, a grandmother, an aunt or an older friend, these are the ladies who have walked their own paths well before we have and tend to know a lot more about life than we ever will - well, until we get to their age. So it’s nice to be able to treat them every once in awhile. But when it’s not particularly a special occasion to celebrate, where do you start?

Afternoon Tea

It’s not just a British thing - there are hotels, bars and restaurants all over the country that are offering afternoon tea for a great afternoon out. You can always jazz it up by requesting wine or cocktails instead of tea or coffee, and most cater for different dietary requirements. If afternoon tea isn’t quite your thing, perhaps just going out for a meal or drinks later on into the evening could be just the ticket. A chance to catch up and l

Shopping Spree

Who doesn’t love a good shopping spree? Buying an outfit as a “just because” to say thanks can be hard, especially when you don’t have the person there with you to give you their recommendations. There is style advice for women over 60 online that you could use as a guide, however, especially if the person that you’re taking doesn’t quite know their own mind when it comes down to fashion. If they’re not too into different styles of clothes then it doesn’t have to be all about that; a homeware spree or even a day in a garden centre buying things to spruce up your outdoor space can be a great distraction.

Spa Day

The chance to sit back and relax is always welcomed, no matter how old you are. Booking specific treatments can be a great way to unwind, and lazing around a beautiful, serene and dedicated quiet zone is just the ticket to get you back to rights. Most spa days have to be booked in advance, and this helps you to secure a better deal too; they’re not cheap by any means, but what they offer in return for your money is more than worth it.

A Flick To The Past

Sometimes, all we want is a little bit of nostalgia in our lives. Reminiscing back to the glory days is something that a lot of us relish. Listening to stories about where our friends and family have been, where they have enjoyed, where they first accomplished their talents and so much more can be great to hear, but it’s even better to put a place to the name. Make a day trip out of it and go and visit their old haunts. The tales that have been locked up for so long will be bursting their way out, and it’s a fantastic way to hear of past lives which would otherwise have been put to one side and forgotten.

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