Ask Away...: Home Office/Library Tips For Design Enthusiasts

Monday, July 31, 2017

Home Office/Library Tips For Design Enthusiasts

Contrary to popular belief, people don’t have to work from home to warrant creating a home office. Indeed, for that reason, we’re going to refer to those spaces as libraries for this post. Designing a space of that nature is an excellent step, and the room will have many different uses. Homeowners can retreat to their libraries to hand out and relax after a long day at work. They can also use the area to file their paperwork and ensure nobody overlooks the household bill payments. With all that in mind, there are some tips and tricks below.

Create a bookcase wall

No library or home office is complete without fitted furniture. In most instances, it’s sensible to select the longest straight wall for that job. People can either pay specialists to create their custom product or try the DIY approach. If the latter strategy appeals, just head down to relevant local businesses and ask if you can reclaim any of their offcuts. Also, it’s wise to check sites like for inspiration. In most instances, that should help to drive the cost down considerably. Use the bookcase wall to store books, DVDs, paperwork, and even some family photos. Anyone who wants to improve the aesthetics and functionality should consider:

  • Adding some shelf lights
  • Creating secret compartments
  • Installing a moveable ladder for top shelf access

Provide some comfortable seating

Most people will sit at a desk when working in their library or office. So, it makes sense to invest in an ergonomic chair that will reduce back and hip pain. However, lots of homeowners might also like to lie back and listen to music in that room. Recliners from niche providers like are not going to break the bank. Indeed, some of the best designs from upmarket brands cost a small fortune. So, it helps if people don’t have to pay all the money upfront. Other seating ideas might include:

  • Tub chairs
  • Armchairs
  • Sofas
  • Chaise Longues

Make use of stylish lamps

Homeowners will want to regulate the amount of light in their office spaces. That helps with comfort, but it can also make the room appear larger than it is. For that reason, it always makes sense to use dimmer switches. Still, there are lots of other solutions available too. Lamps come in many different shapes, sizes, and designs. It’s possible to find some quirky products out there if people search hard enough online. Lava lamps are still as fresh today as they were thirty years ago. So, don’t overlook items of that nature because they can also help humans to relax and unwind. Just search Google for “weird lamp ideas” and check out some of the results.

With a bit of luck, the tips in this article will have given readers some new ideas. So, now is the time for people to create their plans and work out how much they can afford to spend. While money isn’t everything, it’s still sensible to determine a budget ahead of time. That should help to stop homeowners from overspending, and ensure they don’t break the bank. If anyone needs extra inspiration, just search for photos of offices other people have created online.

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