Ask Away...: Mixing Metals To Get A Look Of Fearless Elegance

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Mixing Metals To Get A Look Of Fearless Elegance


The metallic look has seriously taken off in the past twelve months. Gold, silver, platinum, copper, steel; basically anything that has a metallic sheen gets a big, fat blinged up tick in the interior designer’s book of all this gorgeous, and rightly so.

Going metallic with your home allows you to mix the classic look of sophistication with a more contemporary hint of style. Think about it. Copper has been around for years and years and years, so long that it is considered traditional, whereas rose gold is the new entry on the list, but what that has been celebrated by some of the most iconic brands of all time (#Apple #iPhone6).

So, to help you sprinkle a little bit of fearless elegance into your home, we have come up with a few pieces of advice that will ensure you get this look bang on the money.


Always Start Small
Trends come and go like the tide, which is why it’s so important to remember that you don’t have to commit to anything permanent (or spend an absolute fortune). Just start small with your additions. You can still get that striking look by having some copper bar stools in your kitchen, silver lion head wall decorations, copper pots and pans hanging above your oven, a silver chandelier above the kitchen table and a rose gold candle holder as a centrepiece. Accessorising is a lot less expensive and yet it can pack a big punch too.

Mixing Is A Must
Most interior designers warn off mixing metals, but having too much of one thing is not a good look in the metallic world. It tends to look boring rather than safe. Instead, mix the metals you have on show. Have a statement lamp with a big gold base and then off set that with wire shelving units, a brushed steel floor lamp, and a sofa that stands proudly on dark silver legs. It may sound eclectic, but the combination is so subtly powerful you’ll never want to change your living room up ever again.

Simplify Everything Else
The thing with adding metal to your home decor is it demands to be the centre of attention. Don’t fight this. Let it be. Let’s say you’re redecorating your kitchen and you’re wondering what backdrop to give those big copper lights you have hanging down over your wooden table. Well, we’d say go all white. Maybe add a few moments of chrome on the kitchen chairs and the extractor fan, but the rest should be white, a few houseplants and cooking books adding a dash of colour to complement the metals. The copper and chrome want the limelight, so it is up to you to encourage this behaviour.


Look Beyond Accessories
When you are looking at adding metal accents to a room, you will automatically feel compelled to embrace this through accessories. We’re talking about candle holders, gilded mirrors, chandeliers, lamps, chairs; that sort of thing. But there are plenty of other alternative options for you to explore, such as metallic wallpapers and paint jobs, silk curtains that have that rock a sheen effect and glass bits that have a metallic pattern stamped on them. These are all amazing ways to embrace the metallic trend.

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