Ask Away...: Not-So-Subtle Signs That Your Car Is Due an Upgrade!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Not-So-Subtle Signs That Your Car Is Due an Upgrade!

For most of us, our relationship with our car is one that spans many years. When they’re expensive to buy (and take a lot of hassle to tax, insure and sort out all of the documents), they’re not the kind of thing most of us chop and change on a regular basis. But when exactly is it time to get a new car? Here are a few dead giveaways that it’s time to upgrade.

You’ve Extended Your Family
Maybe you’re currently cramming the family into a tiny hatchback, and struggling. If you only have three doors, it will mean leaning into the back of the car every time you need to do your kids seatbelts up. Perhaps you have a baby on the way, and don't have space for another car seat, or need room in the boot for things like bikes and prams. If so, it’s time to upgrade to something more roomy. SUVs make for good family cars, the Land Rover Discovery, Volvo XC60 and Skoda Kodiaq are rated as some of the best family models due to their space, performance and reliability. The family car is crucial to the smooth- running of family life. You need to drop off and pick up kids from school, take them to all of their extra curricular activities, go shopping, pick up friends and family members and generally be able to get around. A good, reliable car that suits your needs is a worthwhile investment.

You Keep Breaking Down
Breaking down is every car owner’s nightmare. Not only is it inconvenient but break down in the wrong place, and it can also be dangerous too. It’s annoying enough when your car won't start in the morning, and you’re late for work, but break down on a busy roundabout or the motorway, and really your life could be at risk. Just about everyone will experience a breakdown at one time or another, but if this is happening to you regularly, it might be time for a new car. Instead of spending hundreds, even thousands putting things right for something else to go wrong you’re likely to save money by buying a newer model. If you can’t afford to buy outright, there are plenty of car leasing options out there which allow you to spread the cost. It’s an affordable way to own a newer car and something that’s likely to be far more reliable. You should have breakdown cover no matter what car you drive, old or new because you just never know and things can go wrong with any vehicle. But in general, you’re always going to have fewer problems with a newer model since all of the parts have had less use.

You’re Concerned About Safety
Most people are able to drive regularly and never be involved in a car accident. However it’s still the leading cause of accidental death in many countries in the developed world, so safety is always something to take seriously. These days there are motorways and huge roads everywhere- and with more cars on the road it increases the chances of incidents occurring, especially during busy times. Newer car models have the benefit of having more safety features. From parking sensors to curtain airbags to cruise control, driver attention detection and so much more, it can make driving a much safer experience. If safety is an issue and you’d prefer to give yourself the very best chances of surviving in a crash (who wouldn’t), then an upgrade should be on the cards.

You’ve Got a New Job With a Long Commute
If your current vehicle is a bit of a gas guzzler, this isn’t going to be great for your wallet when it comes to doing long journeys every day. If you will mainly be using the car for commuting, either on your own or with a colleague your best bet is to choose a model that offers as many miles to the gallon as possible so is economical to run. Small cars with small engines will generally be the cheapest to run, research has shown that the Dacia Sandero (1.0) Suzuki Celerio (1.0) and Dacia Logan (1.2) are some of the cheapest cars to run- it’s no coincidence that they’re all cars with small engines. If you’re going to be doing a lot of motorway and city driving, then buying a city car is your best bet. While these small cars are still great when it comes to the open road, they’re useful for efficiently getting around urban areas.

You’re a Little Embarrassed Of What You Drive
Finally, while looks aren’t everything when it comes to cars you still want to feel happy about what you’re driving around in. That doesn’t mean you need a top of the range, super flash model but you don’t want to cringe every time someone asks you what you drive. You don’t want your kid's friends to laugh when they get dropped off in the world’s most awful looking car! Perhaps when you first got your car, you were limited on options due to price and insurance. Maybe that custom paint job you had done a decade ago suited your personality to a tee at the time, but you’ve long outgrown it. Maybe you’ve just had your car for so long that it now looks terribly outdated. There are plenty of benefits to upgrading, but the fact that you get a nicer looking car is certainly a bonus! If you want to avoid being embarrassed of your car again in the future, your best bet is to keep it simple. You might think yellow, pink, mint and duo-chrome cars look awesome now but how will you feel about your choice a little later down the line? A very unique or unusual looking model might stand out now, but the appearance could look dated in a couple of years.

Are you in the market for a new car? If so, what are your reasons for upgrading your old model?

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