Ask Away...: Obvious Injuries To Avoid In Various Environments

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Obvious Injuries To Avoid In Various Environments

Every day someone is injured, be it through no fault of their own or just being unaware. Injury figures are on the up. Here are some of the most obvious accidents that occur in public environments. Most of these could have and should be avoidable.

Falls are always the most common injury in the office environment. They account for the most number of injuries filed inside. Employees are 2.5 times are more likely to fall than in any other workplace.

This is caused by plenty of hazards such as loose cables, upturned carpet along with boxes lying in oncoming paths.

These are all easily fixed and can be avoidable by simple procedures put in place by the work place. Health and safety meetings and training must be regularly met with high standards, this is to ensure this is prevented in the future.
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Working out is good for the body and mind, as the saying goes no pain no gain. This shouldn't be taken so liberally in the gym environment. Gym equipment is incredibly hazardous for those who fail to follow the safety training when they join. Not only will you sustain an injury but can seriously stop your training progress.

Dumbbells being dropped onto feet, due to thinking they can lift heavier is a common misconception. The gym can be an incredibly hazardous place if used incorrectly.If you feel like you need to be retrained in using the equipment, don't be afraid to ask. It can stop you from being seriously injured.
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Accidents will occur whether it’s a trip or slip which has occurred as a result of faulty equipment or environment. Any incidents that occur need to be dealt with especially if it results in not being able to work or for medical finances.

Retails hosts an array of potential issues, but straining to reach for top shelves and boxes is potential to creating back pain. Lifting heavy boxes in the incorrect way can cause trapped nerves at ongoing back issues. Stockrooms are the number one home to injuries being created. The use of ladders and stools are provided in order to stop such bad habits from happening.
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Being off work with injury can bring financial worry. Be prepared and have a plan in place to protect your income and to get everything back in place.

DIY is an obvious area of hazards, sharp objects, and ignorance. Eyes are the most at risk to getting injured particularly around power tool. Wood can chip and splinter into the eyes, with the eye being the most sensitive having access to safety goggles is crucial. Be sure to have 2-3 pairs around the house and tool shed, this is to ensure you have more than enough protection should you lose them.

Injuries can be sustained and avoided. Of course, not all injuries are preventable, we can’t live in bubble wrap. If you are accident prone however take more caution in your surroundings.

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