Ask Away...: (Re)models Need Not Apply: Making Your Bathroom Pop On The Fly

Monday, July 31, 2017

(Re)models Need Not Apply: Making Your Bathroom Pop On The Fly


Remodeling the bathroom is the one thing every homeowner dreams of achieving. But, for most people, it will remain a dream and for one reason only: the sheer, eye-watering and heart-pounding expensive cost of such a thing. Despite common misconception, no one overlooks the bathroom when it comes to home decor; they just can’t justify splashing the amount of cost it will take, which is a real shame because it is one of the most frequented rooms in a home.

But what if we told you that updating your bathroom didn’t need to entail a two-month project and final bill that looks like Justin Bieber’s bar tab. No, it just needs you to be a little inventive. After all, if you know how to perk it up a bit, your restroom can become your best room.

Bold And Bright
Almost everyone believes that a bathroom should be white and clean looking. But while the latter point may be essential, it doesn’t need to be white by any means. In fact, one of the best ways to spruce it up a bit is to combine bold colors with bright accents. One of the looks we love is dark blue walls paired with yellow moments and metallic bits and bobs. This is a surefire combo to make a bathroom look spectacular.

Break The Rules
Like the old cliche goes, rules are there to be broken, and nowhere is more perfectly suited for this than your bathroom. This is the perfect place for you to experiment a little with textures and patterns. It could be adding antique looking textures in the form of Kohler faucets and lighting fixtures, as well as a gilded mirror and loo roll holder. It could be that you run with a nautical theme by tiling it in that style, thick rope accents and artwork in the same vain. Whatever takes your fancy.

Address The Flooring
As far as design goes, the bathroom floor is one of the most impact features of any bathroom. This is because there tends to be so much unobstructed floor space in a restroom. Everything tends to be pushed to the walls, leaving the state of your floor open for scrutiny. If you want to create a homier look then go with a wooden floor. If you prefer to make this the centerpiece of your clean vibes, then large tiling should be the way to go. Whatever it is, do it, do it now.

Less Vanity Needed
Space is the final frontier… and also the key to a much more magical bathroom. The question is, how do you make more space in a room where that poses the biggest challenge? Well, a great place to start is your vanity section. It could be that this crowding your space, so try reeling it in, opening it up and then adding more feature pieces. Bold art. Statement shutters. A wooden ladder to hang your towels on. A shrine of scented candles. All of these are inexpensive ideas that are totally gorgeous, and we mean totally.

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