Ask Away...: The Best Things About Small Dogs

Monday, July 10, 2017

The Best Things About Small Dogs

Thinking of getting a dog? Maybe you should get a small dog. The case for small dogs is strong, and you’ll find plenty of good arguments for them here! If you’re considering getting a pet but the idea of a large dog doesn’t appeal, then a small dog could be just what you’re looking for. Take a look at some great reasons why below.

They need less exercise

Small dogs need less exercise than say a dalmatian or a golden retriever, and a short 20-30 minute walk once or twice a day is enough to keep them fit and healthy. Depending on just how small the dog is, you might want to check recommended guidelines for different dog breeds to make sure you give them enough exercise. This makes them easier to care for, as you could walk them before and after work and that should be enough, whereas bigger dogs may need walking during the day too.

They’re easier to take with you

Photo from Pexels

If you tend to go away a lot, a small dog is easy to take with you in your vehicle or your RV. There’s no need to get a bigger vehicle or a large crate as small dogs can fit in the car quite easily, or even in a cat carrier. Remember that you’ll still need to prepare for a long RV journey with your pet in advance to give them a happy and safe trip.  Also, if you’re in a hurry while you’re walking or need to dash off quickly, you’ll be able to pick up your dog easily, which is almost impossible with large dogs.

They’re more affordable

Small dogs are also more affordable than big dogs. They eat less, so your food costs come down, leaving you with more to spend on treats. Other expenses like vets bills are less too because the dog will need different treatment to a large dog. Even though the costs are lower, it’s still important that you budget for one while thinking about getting a dog, as the costs can still be significant to a family with little or no savings.

They’re good in small spaces

If you live in an apartment or a small house, keeping a large dog there can cruel, especially if there’s not much room for them to run around or a garden to play in. Dogs who are bored due to a lack of activity can start to misbehave, and leaving a large dog around all day could lead them to chew up your furniture and textiles! Small dogs however can adapt really well to apartment living, and will be great company if you live alone.

They’re easy to train with rewards

There are a number of small dog breeds that are easy to train, which is why you’ll often see them featured on TV or in movies (Fraser, Legally Blonde to name just a few). You can train your dog easily using Betsy Farms chicken jerky and similar treats to encourage them to sit, heel as well as more advanced tricks. If you struggle with the training element, you can always enroll them in an obedience school.

They’re cute
Small dogs are really cute, which may not be a practical reason to get one, but they are! Chihuahuas, pugs, spaniels and other little dogs are popular for many reasons, and their appearance is certainly one of them. If you end up with a patient dog, you can even dress them up in different doggy outfits to make them even cuter (only if the dog is willing of course!).

If the above has helped you decide to get a small dog, welcome to a very big club - you’ll find lots of support and advice online. Now all you need to do is decide which type of dog to choose!

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