Ask Away...: The Common Benefits Of Driving Safely

Monday, July 31, 2017

The Common Benefits Of Driving Safely

The world of automotive engineering has come a long way since the boom of the early 1990s when vehicles started to become mass produced. The modern car is safer to drive than at any time in history. The wave of new technologies that have come onto the market puts computers and electronic safety mechanisms at the heart of the driver experience. The improvement in technology has brought down the numbers of crashes and accidents by overzealous drivers. However, this doesn’t mean that you should be taking anything for granted. Although cars are much safer, they’re still roughly, made out of the same materials they’ve always been. The cars are in fact, also heavier than they’ve ever been because as the population has grown, families want cars with more room and safety equipment for all passengers. Once the car leaves the showroom, the technology will be in your hands. But, no car is impregnable, and driving safe is the only possibility, that will decrease your chances of getting hurt. You may not have realised the benefits this style of driving may give you, but there is a noticeable difference when used.

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Slow is smooth, smooth is fast

Driving according to the speed limit, you run less of a chance of getting pulled over by the law. You won’t get points on your license, and you won’t have a record for improper driving in the police system. However, when you drive slow, you can avoid damage to your car also. People who drive their car over a pothole stand to do serious damage to their suspension. If the drop is big enough, the suspension may torque the chassis violently, compromising the structure and handling. Drivers don’t intentionally do this, but they can’t see the damage in the road coming because they’re going too fast. When you drive in a calm manner, you have enough time, to react to something in the road, you want to avoid. Modern cars have electric steering, and they can react to your inputs with a snapping motion, veering the car out of harm's way with little physical effort.

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Financial benefits

People who drive too fast, are more likely to get involved in accidents. Having points on your license as aforementioned will result in higher insurance costs. Companies always way up the benefits and the liabilities when giving you a quote. After processing your details, the annual policy cost, and the excess will undoubtedly be higher if you’ve been involved in an accident that was your fault and you’ve been found to be speeding. The type of policy you can claim may also be limited. Some companies may not wish to take on your business if you’ve shown to be somebody who is frequently involved in collisions.  

Insurance companies love a safe driver because they have a client who is predictable and has a proven track record of staying out of trouble. Companies will then offer you discounted car insurance because safer drivers are rewarded. You can also be forgiven for your first accident if you’ve got a record that boasts a fantastic clean sheet of no any form of reckless driving. Your premium may also be maintained if this is the case.

Speed fuels aggravation

Sometimes, we forget the road is not just ours, but it’s used by other people, who have similar lives too. Driving fast limits the reaction times afforded to us because it takes time for our minds to process the risk, decide on the course of action, and commit to the action physically. Causing an accident, or cutting somebody off because you’ve limited your options by speeding everything up, can cause road rage. Psychologically, it’s just because you’ve disrespected somebody else, but you’re endangering someone else’s life. Running a red light and forcing someone to jam on the brakes, or potentially lose control of their car trying to swerve and avoid you, can make them want to start a physical altercation. So before you shun the safety standards of the road, ask yourself is it really worth it? Your speed doesn’t determine if you’ll end up at your destination quicker because there are other road users around you. Treat the road like a chess game, be calm, calculating, and drive safely to avoid unnecessary risks.

Although vehicles have gotten safer, and have warnings when you’re drifting into the other lane, tyre pressure warnings, brake fluids alerts and more, this doesn’t mean you should rely on the machine to drive safe for you. The bottom line is, the human being behind the wheel makes the majority of decisions, and crucially, can stop an accident from happening. Driving safely doesn’t mean you’re crawling around, holding everybody up, it just means, you move at a consistent, and tameable pace.

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