Ask Away...: The Correct Clothes For A Camping Trip

Monday, July 3, 2017

The Correct Clothes For A Camping Trip


Whether you’re visiting a music festival or wild camping in the forest, you’ll want to dress comfortably for your camping trip. This means leaving behind your everyday home attire and preparing for more rugged conditions and less wardrobe space. Here are just a few good camping clothing ideas.

Rain or shine?

The weather isn’t always easy to predict, so it’s best to pack for both eventualities. Camping often involves packing light, so when looking for water-proof solutions consider a poncho or a softshell jacket, opposed to the kind of jacket you might wear casually. The Helikon waterproof poncho is a popular choice that you’ll see many a camper wearing. For the sun, pack light clothing and consider a hat and sunglasses to protect your eyes and face against the glare.

Layering up

For when it gets cold, you’ll want some clothing to layer up in. Be careful of which materials you choose – layering thin wool socks for examples can cause chafing and blisters. Certain specialist clothing such as Minus 33 merino wool underwear is ideal for keeping you warm, whilst minimising chafing and also preventing odour from sweat. You should try to avoid layering on top of denim if possible – this will often chafe and get heavy when wet. In fact, jeans aren’t a great choice of camping clothing as they can also take up a lot of space when packing.  

Finding your feet

Your footwear is probably the most important thing to consider when camping as you’ll be saying goodbye to carpets and smooth tarmac. Many camp sites (particularly at festivals) can be muddy, so a pair of wellies is recommended. For those opting for wild camping, a pair of quality hiking boots may allow you to travel more quickly. Holcome walking boots are a good solution that is both affordable and high quality. Occasionally, when camping in warmer climates, hiking boots may make the feet too hot and hiking sandals may be a better option. These still offer grip on the soles and are thick enough to protect against rough terrain, whilst ventilating the feet.

Staying trendy

Practicality always comes first when adventuring into the great outdoors, however that doesn’t mean that you can’t still dress stylishly. Headwear is a good place to dress stylishly. Baseball caps can be useful for keeping the sun off, whilst giving you the opportunity to explore brands. Bandanas are also a popular accessory for the camper wanting to look cool. Similarly, the shades you wear can help you make a statement. Various sites for festival fashionwear can help give you inspiration.

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