Ask Away...: The Pathway To Working With Professional Athletes In Sports Teams

Monday, July 17, 2017

The Pathway To Working With Professional Athletes In Sports Teams

There are so many sports graduates that want to work with a professional sports team and want their passion to prove to be detrimental to the success of athletes. For many individuals, it’s the ultimate dream job where their talents are well and truly appreciated and simply invaluable. However, many others don’t go through college, but rather seek out their passion and get certified as a fitness or athletic trainer. The human body is incredibly complex and knowing the compounds, changing dietary needs and proper function of muscles during energy usage and repair is truly an art form. Putting it all into practices requires a certain path for the most potential to be had from your skills. Many certified athletic trainers find themselves becoming associated with a gym and helping individuals achieve their fat loss and muscle gain goals. The pinnacle of the profession is to be picked up by a team where your sports science talent can be put to the test and help a professional sports team achieve victory. There are a few routes and guiding rules to follow if you wish to achieve this.

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Determine your goal

You need a clear aim of where you’re going in life and what kind of job you wish to have. Particularly for finding a professional sports team and becoming their athletic coach, you must first pick a sport. Finding the passion for a sport should come naturally because many who enter this profession already have a favorite sports team, individual and sport. You need to energetic and enthusiastic about your dream job and be ready to go the extra mile and put in overtime to get noticed in the industry. In a professional setting, the stakes are very high, as sport is one of the largest business industries in the world with a staggering amount of revenue worldwide. The pressure will be immense, but just as rewarding so be wary of the responsibility.  

No better way than being accredited

Your interest in sport must be backed up by professional competence and a showcase in understanding complex and advanced issues in athletic training. In America by 2022 a master’s degree will become a mandatory requirement for every athletic training professional, therefore you need to be prepared, and an online Masters in Athletic Training is what many sports teams are looking for. The course will test your understanding of evidence-based practice which has been approved by the Board of Certification. The training consists of studying real-world test evidence of various clinical questions, studying evidence and being able to demonstrate how you can apply the results in a real-world setting. You’ll also be introduced to the concepts of disablement models and assessing patient-oriented outcome measures which can be applied to professional athletes.

Start off local

If you have little experience working with sports teams, you may want to get some experience behind you before you head for the big leagues. Professional sports team won’t let you near their team without a proven track record of success and nurture. Look for amateur teams in your local area that are in need of an athletic trainer, who can train the team members, aid in their injury recovery, form a dietary plan to improve health and fitness, as well as work with individuals to get personal performance up. You could apply for an internship with a semi-professional college team that is competing in the smaller leagues. It's an excellent opportunity to gain experience and build relationships as well as spread your name around; you never know what kind of contacts you’ll make.

Source - Armando Limon

Putting in the hours

Set yourself apart from your peers who are also vying for a permanent spot in a professional team. The easiest way to set yourself apart is to never act like you’re working a traditional 9-5 job. Come in early, and be one of the last ones to leave. Also, devise reports and detailed assessments of each individual on the team and how their personal progress is doing. Conduct some research, submit a manuscript or take charge and organize a report that evaluates different diets, training programs, and psychological tasks. You could also give feedback to the coach about the effects of certain medicines with a compare and contrast report.

This shows the coach and the director that you’re more than just a physician, and you’re a valuable extra pair of eyes and analytical mind. Take on extra projects, volunteer to work weekends with a lesser, junior team to help improve their aspects. Remember to be patient, purely focus on the job at hand, with your goal of attaining a dream job at the back of your mind, using positive imagery as motivation.

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