Ask Away...: Vehicles Worth Owning Alongside Your Car

Monday, July 3, 2017

Vehicles Worth Owning Alongside Your Car

Have you ever wanted to go to the local grocery store, only to feel bad because you’d need to drive for a total of 30 seconds just to reach your destination? If you don’t feel bad, then you should at least feel bad for your wallet. Those 30 seconds will add up and cost you some fuel, making it an expensive journey that you could’ve otherwise walked.

This is when you need an alternate vehicle to go alongside your main vehicle. For instance, instead of just owning a car, why not own a car and a bicycle? They make up for each other’s weaknesses and a bicycle usually doesn’t need as much maintenance as a regular car. It also doesn’t cost as much money to run considering it doesn’t need fuel, making it a simple and cheap option.

So to help you out, here are a couple of vehicles that will work well with your car. These secondary vehicles will give you cheaper forms of transportation and could even promote healthier habits.


A motorcycle is a good compromise between bicycle and car. Although it does use fuel and costs considerably more than a typical bicycle, it offers far more power and some extra storage space. Motorcycles can be dangerous, however. You’ll need to invest in some extra clothing to help protect you from any falls, and you’ll need a sturdy helmet to protect your head in the event you crash. Here are some additional ideas that will teach you about the basics of owning a motorcycle. Even though it does use fuel, you need a lot less to get around because the vehicle is a lot lighter than a standard car.


Want to go green? Then consider getting yourself a standard bicycle. It’s a much cheaper solution than anything else on this list (unless you want to just walk) and it’s also a great way to get some exercise. Some people prefer to commute to work on a bicycle and although it makes them sweaty when they arrive at their destination, a quick shower and a change of clothes will make them feel refreshed and ready to start the day again. Bicycles are also a great family exercise vehicle, and getting one for the children is cheaper than you might think.

Electric Bicycle

If you want a step up from a normal bicycle, then consider an electric one. These can usually be charged from the mains in your home and they operate similarly to a motorcycle. However, they’re a lot less powerful and there are several modes to help you get the most out of your electricity. There’s an assisted pedal mode which means you still have to pedal, but the electric engine will help you reach faster speeds. There’s a manual mode which turns the electric motor off, requiring you to pedal like a regular bicycle. Lastly, there’s usually a fully electric mode that doesn’t require pedalling at all but does cost the most electricity. With several options, an electric bicycle offers you a middle ground between a motorcycle and a regular bicycle.

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  1. Most of time I usually rather to use electric bicycle when I am going to a not very long distance places. :)


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