Ask Away...: 4 Overlooked Tips for Cleaning Out Your Garage Once and For All

Thursday, August 17, 2017

4 Overlooked Tips for Cleaning Out Your Garage Once and For All

Let’s be honest: your garage is currently overflowing with junk, isn’t it?

Don’t sweat it. In fact, conventional wisdom tells us that most people are in the exact same boat. Whether you’ve just moved into your home or you’ve lived there seemingly forever, the garage often becomes a dumping ground for our odds and ends. From lawn equipment to items that are simply too big or unsightly to keep inside the house, it’s easy for the clutter in our garages to quickly spiral out of control.

That being said, “out of sight, out of mind” doesn’t exactly work when you don’t even have enough room to park your car, does it?

If you’ve decided that “enough is enough” and you’re ready to finally tackle this behemoth of a DIY project, congratulations!

So, what do you need to know before you get your hands dirty?

Decide Between a Carport and a Garage

First thing’s first: you need to decide what your long-term goal is in terms of your garage. This may sound a bit silly; however, garages don’t necessarily need to be used for car storage. After all, you can always look into vehicle storage solutions from outlets like Carports and More. These retailers offer a multitude of ways to keep your vehicles safe outdoors so you can free up your garage for other projects.

Looking to create a workshop? How about a spare guest room? Such projects aren’t beyond your reach depending on how much space you need to clear up in your garage. Deciding this before you get to work will save you some major headaches.

Remove Everything (Yes, All of It)

We would advise that you commit the time to remove everything from your garage at once rather than try to chip away at cleaning over the course of weeks and months. Starting with your largest items, you need to clearly assess the condition of your garage and figure out what’s going to go where one it’s clean.

In many cases, you’re going find a lot of junk to pitch. Taking out everything at once forces you to decide right then and there what you’re going to keep and what’s going to the dumpster.

Mind Your Hazardous Materials

Obviously safety should be a top priority when it comes to cleaning out your garage, so be mindful of any chemicals or potentially dangerous substances you’ve been storing. For example, tread lightly when handling containers that may have been exposed to heat containing gasoline, antifreeze and the like. Take proper precaution when disposing of chemicals and do not pitch them with the rest of your garbage.

Make the Most of Your Wall Space

Finally, your ultimate goal while cleaning your garage should be to remove as much as you possibly can from the floor. Hanging items within your garage is a must-do, especially since you don’t have to worry so much about putting nails in the wall or installing heavy-duty hangers. From installing your own shelving units to hooks and beyond, just about anything is fair game to keeping your floor space clear for whatever it is you might be storing.

Cleaning out your garage can be a massive undertaking, but it’s totally worth it in the end once you’re done. With these overlooked tips in mind, you can make the clean-up process much easier on yourself.

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