Ask Away...: 4 Unique Projects That Will Make Use of Those Leftover Shingles

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

4 Unique Projects That Will Make Use of Those Leftover Shingles

Replacing your roof is a big project. It’s important to hire a professional team to make sure your roof is installed correctly. Fortunately, roof financing is available that will make your next roof replacement more affordable.

If you spend a lot of money on your roofing project, you want to make sure that you use all the materials. It’s a good idea to keep a bundle or two of shingles for repairs, but what do you do with the rest?

Here are four fun projects that make use of those leftover shingles.
Create a Garden Path

There are so many fun ways to make a garden path. Plain old mulch is an easy solution, while using the boards of a pallet can help you recycle wood that would otherwise end up in the landfill. But, did you know you can create a garden path out of shingles too?

Lay down some mulch and overlap the shingles to create a path. After a year or two, the grass will secure the path in place, making it a fixture in your yard.
Roof a Birdhouse or Dog House

It’s not a good idea to roof your own house, but there’s nothing wrong with roofing a birdhouse or a dog house!

Roofing a bird house is the easiest project because the roofing material isn’t really protecting the house. It’s just used as a decorative feature. A bit more goes into installing a roof on a dog house, but it’s fairly easy as well, and it’ll make that dog house less of an eyesore in your yard.

If you get a little creative, you can find other objects to roof as well. Use the shingles to roof a tool shed or create a cute fairy cottage for your garden with a roof that matches the roof on your home.
Create a Welcome Mat

Shingles have to be able to stand up to the weather, which makes them rough and sturdy. These features also make shingles a great material to use as a welcome mat.

Layer the shingles in a visually pleasing way, glue them together, and cut them to size. You can even use outdoor paint to create a one-of-a-kind welcome message.
Create a Rustic Accent Wall

Not all shingles are created equal, but some can make just as much of a statement inside as they do outside.

Rustic accent walls are a unique way to add a little visual interest to rooms throughout your home. It gives your house a feeling of being both indoors and outdoors at the same time.

Traditional asphalt shingles aren’t the best choice. Instead, create an accent wall if you have leftover shingles like:

· Tile shingles

· Metal panels

· Wood shingles

· Copper panels

Even used shingles are great for these projects! The best part is, you can get rid of some of those extra shingles or keep used shingles out of the landfill while enhancing your home at the same time.

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