Ask Away Blog: Effective Ways To Preserve The Value Of Your Car

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Effective Ways To Preserve The Value Of Your Car

Your car is one of the more expensive purchases you are ever likely to make in your lifetime, but the moment you drive it away from the salesroom, the value will begin to depreciate. This sucks, especially if you plan to sell it a few years down the line when you need an upgrade. However, there are ways you can improve the car’s resale value, and we are here to tell you how.

Don’t pimp your ride

You may want to add all kinds of fancy features and aesthetics to your car, but you won’t necessarily be adding to the value. What you want from a car may not be what somebody else wants, so don’t assume prospective buyers will be interested in paying for some of these overrated car accessories. Instead, be practical, and add useful items such as Bluetooth transmitters and comfortable seat covers.

Professional servicing

Many garages can service your car, but it is worth finding a specialist for your vehicle. Take for example the service provided by Euro Motorsport Mercedes repairs. They have the technical know-how for that specific brand of vehicle and will know the ins and outs of the car better than a regular car mechanic.

You should also keep an eye on your car’s condition on a regular basis. From checking the tyre pressure to topping the engine up with oil, be vigilant, and ensure your car runs at optimum performance. Having a car in tip-top condition will guarantee you a higher sales price.

Protect your car’s appearance

First impressions matter, so you need to consider the way your car looks, on both the inside and the outside. For starters, you should use a coat of wax on your car periodically to protect it from weather effects and bird droppings. Then you should make sure you clean your car on a regular basis. Buy professional car cleaning products instead of relying on soap and water, as they can give your car a better shine and added protection.

The inside of your car is equally important, and you won’t sell it if it smells like an ashtray. The appearance of your car will be ruined by unpleasant odors and unpleasant stains, so be sure not to smoke in the car, and always have cleaning products on hand in case of drink spills. Protect the floor of the car with rubber mats and attach covers to the seats. There will be accidents, especially if you have kids in the car, but you can take protective measures to reduce the risk of damage.

Keep a record

Finally, remember that buying a car is a risky investment, so prospective buyers will need evidence that the car has been looked after. Therefore, be sure to keep all your receipts and maintenance documents in one place, and use them as proof to the buyer that you have done all you can to look after the vehicle. You want peace of mind when buying a new car, and so do they!

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