Ask Away...: Five Essential Tips When Paying For Car Repairs With No Money

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Five Essential Tips When Paying For Car Repairs With No Money

Cars are a necessary part of most people’s lives, as long as you can drive. But, they are also a massive pain in the ass when they break down. And, that pain is even sorer and tenderer when you have no money to pay for the repairs. So, what are you to do? Get on the bus like a common peasant? No! Sure, there is nothing wrong with public transport, but cars are quicker, easier, and better for the kids.

As a result, you need to find a way to pay for the repairs and get the vehicle back on the road. When you are low on funds, it is not a simple task, yet it isn’t impossible either.

1. Find A Decent Mechanic

Unfortunately, mechanics don’t inspire trust because they have made questionable decisions in the past. However, not every car repair person is a cowboy that is looking to make a quick buck. There is some that love their trade and offer a fair price, and these are the people that you want to find. Hopefully, a good mechanic won’t try to rip you off, and they will also fix the problem at the first attempt to avoid any unnecessary payments. If you don’t know where to start your search, a recommendation from a trusted source is always a good option. But, if no one has had any recent car troubles, previous customers are the next best port of call.

2. Get A Second Opinion

Far too many drivers take the first quote they find for a multitude of reasons. Even if it seems reasonable, this tactic is not a good one. Simply put, there is no way to tell whether the initial estimate is too high or too low because you have nothing to relate it to. By shopping around and asking for quotes, you can find out the going rate. Then, you can use the lowest price to your advantage and save money. All you have to do is make a list of reputable garages and speak to them in person or on the phone. It is simple and easy and it saves people a fortune, yet it isn’t a common occurrence.

3. Get Someone Else To Pay

For obvious reasons, you don’t want to shell out your hard earned wage on car repairs, and you don’t have to. It turns out that there are others who will pick up the bill, the first being your insurance company. As long as your information is correct and you are not in the wrong, they will take care of the costs. Or, you can get a personal injury settlement if the accident was a result of someone else’s negligence. Lots of people stiffen up when the idea of a lawsuit comes into play, but they are necessary, particularly when the accident wasn’t your fault. Alternatively, you can ask a family member or friend to lend you the money to avoid going to a bank.

4. Use A Credit Card

Just like the term ‘lawsuit,’ a mention of credit cards send a shiver down the spine. However, the plastic in your wallet isn’t all bad if you know how to use it. For example, do you have money coming into your account in the future? If so, a credit card can offset the difference. The trick is to use the card for the purchase and then pay it off as soon as the balance is up. Or, you can exploit promotions such as low-interest rates for a prolonged period. Companies that have zero percent interest for one year are a godsend as the deal lets you afford the repairs now and pay later.

5. Barter

The final option at your disposal is to negotiate the price. Of course, mechanics won’t want to take anything less than they deem fair, yet there is always room for manoeuvre. The key is to find the sweet spot that they are willing to accept and that you can afford. So, ask for a quote and see if they can go any lower. If they can’t, tell them a rival garage is offering the same service at a discounted price. Finally, if this doesn’t work, give them a number that you are willing to pay. At the least, they might be prepared to accept a payment plan that makes the cost less daunting.

Because cars break down, you need to be able to afford the cost of the repairs at any time. With the advice above, you can.

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