Ask Away...: Five Ways to Add Pizzazz to a Dining Room’s Decor

Monday, August 28, 2017

Five Ways to Add Pizzazz to a Dining Room’s Decor

 Is the décor of your dining room looking a little stale lately? If so, there are plenty of things you can do to refresh the look of the décor. Sometimes making just a few little changes can give a room a new lease on life. Look at five ways to give your dining room a dose of pizzazz. 

 Get a Table in a Different Shape 
 If you have a rectangular dining room table, try switching it for an oval or round table. This is an easy way to create dramatic change. Or, if you like the shape of your table, get one with the same shape and a different leg design. A design that features crisscrossing legs or legs positioned in a non-traditional way. This simple detail adds to the renewed look of a room. Joybird furniture is a good example of a resource for unique dining room tables. 
Garner a Set of Unique Chairs 
 If you like the look of your traditional dining room table, you can jazz it up a bit with some unique chairs. If you have armchairs around your table, try looking at some armless chairs. Look at the height of your table to determine whether a set of taller chairs would be appropriate. Consider dining room chairs featuring fabric in a bright color. When it comes to dining room chairs, there are all sorts of creative options available to you.  
Change the Color of the Walls 
 Have the walls of your dining room always been the same color? If so, think about changing the paint color or the wallpaper design. Furthermore, use your wall color to make your dining room appear larger. For instance, painting the walls in cream or a pastel blue or yellow really helps to open up the space. Plus, any natural light flowing in from a window or a skylight will reflect off the walls contributing an airy atmosphere to your gathering space. Today’s dining rooms are well-lit, colorful and welcoming to guests.  
Switch Your Light Fixture for a New Style 
 A hanging light fixture in the form of a chandelier is appealing in a dining room. If you love having your chandelier try choosing one in a different color or style. Or, switch your traditional lighting for three or four pendant lights with shades designed in blown glass. Be sure you choose a light fixture that you can adjust so you can set the tone.  
Put Up One or More Mirrors 
A mirror is a familiar sight in a dining room. Add a mirror with a decorative frame to the décor or find a collection of small mirrors. Mirrors are available in many styles and designs that fit with either a casual or formal dining room. In addition to being attractive, a mirror reflects natural light adding to the inviting tone of the space. In some cases, a mirror can even make a dining room appear larger than it actually is. Joybird is one resource for well-designed mirrors. Finally, whether you change the entire décor of your dining room or just give it a few tweaks here and there, it can help to refresh the look of your entire home!

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