Ask Away...: Five Ways to Teach Your Children About Clothing and Fashion

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Five Ways to Teach Your Children About Clothing and Fashion

Now that school is back in session, clothing shopping has also become a consistent process. As a mother of three, I enjoy helping my kids find cute clothes. But, I also want them to dress appropriately for their age, the event, the weather and more.

I personally love fashion and trends. At the same time, there is a point where some trends just need to be left alone.

Continue reading to learn how I help my children choose age-appropriate and weather-appropriate clothing.
Enjoy the Last Days of Summer

While it's still hot outside, I like my kids to wear loose-fitting and breathable clothing to help keep them cool. I prefer lighter and brighter colors such as whites, pinks, blues, oranges, yellows, greens and more.

Plus, one thing they can't go without is sunscreen and sunglasses for children. Protecting their eyes from UVA rays is just as important as protecting their skin from the same.

Squinting in bright sunlight is no fun, nor is it healthy for them to stare directly into the sun. These are just some of the summer styles that make me feel good about what they're wearing.
Shop for Quality

Some mothers say they prefer to buy their children cheap clothing since their kids will either outgrow them or ruin them. My issue with cheap clothing is they often don't last more than a few washes.

So, instead of saving money, I have to keep buying new clothes. This is why I opt for quality clothing that fits my budget. This strategy really helps my school-year budget go farther.

I look for pre-washed tees that resist shrinking. In addition, I search for adjustable waists on jeans and skirts to grow with my children.

Moreover, I invest in a few classic styles that they can wear over and over again, yet still look cute.

I like to determine the colors that work best for their skin tone. In the fall, we stick to darker colors and lighter colors in the spring and summer.

Yet, there are certain colors that work best for each of my children. To illustrate, my daughter looks stunning in royal blue. My son looks fantastic in cranberry.

There are other colors that look good on them, as well. I believe choosing the right colors is important because they feel good when they look good.

So, we stick to the colors that make them look their best. It also helps with shopping because we already know what items will match with what they already have.
Dress for the Weather

I like to teach my kids the importance of socks, hats and scarves in the winter. It helps to get them used to this type of dressing at an early age.

As a result, they become more self-reliant with straps, hooks and buttons when it comes to layering clothing and wearing coats and jackets.

I also remind them how uncomfortable it can be if they are not dressed appropriately for the weather. No one likes to freeze when they aren't close enough to home where they can get more clothing to wear.
Let Them Find Their Own Style with Guidelines

Your children will develop their own style, but as a parent, you must keep some parameters. You can start by showing them a set of images with styles you approve of to understand which ones they like.

I like to do this with each of my children individually so that they aren't influenced by any discouraging comments from siblings.
Final Thought

Teaching your children how to dress at an early age is important for success in life. You only get one chance to make a first impression.

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