Ask Away...: Floral Fashion: Making It Fashionable, Not Frumpy

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Floral Fashion: Making It Fashionable, Not Frumpy

You can always find a good floral print when you're shopping for clothes. They never really go out of fashion, even if how and where to wear them might change. The thing about florals is that they offer so many options, but it can be so easy to get them wrong. If you're not careful, your floral patterns can end up looking less cute and colorful and more frumpy and old-fashioned. You don't want your floral prints to give you the grandma look, even if you're not averse to a bit of vintage style. So how do you make flowers look good?

Choose Colors Carefully

If you want to avoid the wrong look when you choose a floral outfit, start by finding the colors that suit you. There aren't any colors you need to avoid completely, apart from the shades you know don't suit you, but you should think about colors in combination with patterns and with what you're wearing. For example, light and pastel shades can look super cute, but a huge floral pattern can look pretty old-fashioned. Bolder shades are better if you want to make sure you look more modern, whereas darker colors can give you a stronger look.

Examine Size and Layout of the Print

It's important to think about the size of the floral print you wear too. Tiny flowers can be cute for a ditsy tea dress look, but in some styles, they can be a bit too casual or make you look like a little girl. Larger flowers can make a great statement, but you need to avoid an out-of-date look. The layout of the print is important too. The flowers could be evenly spaced with small or large gaps between them, or they could be clustered at the hem of your garment and burst upwards. Some florals have other motifs woven through them or feature whole plants.

Mix Up Your Floral Items

There are lots of ways you can wear florals in your outfits. Shop at online dress boutiques to find some beautiful dresses if you want to make flowers a key part of your outfit. There's also the option of floral tops and skirts, or a jazzy pair of floral pants. Accessorizing with floral patterns and motifs is a great idea too. Shoes, tights, jewelry and more can benefit from the addition of a few flowers. Floral embroidery on a bag or jacket also looks great. In fact, leather (or faux leather) jackets with floral embroidery have been a big thing this year.

Don't Go Overboard

Florals can be beautiful but, like everything in life, they're usually better in moderation. If you're putting together a floral look, don't go too overboard and cover yourself in flowers. Too many floral prints and motifs and you could end up looking like a bunch of flowers yourself. You don't have to be subtle, but you can also avoid using flowers too much.

Floral prints are awesome to include in your outfit. You have so many options to find a floral look that works for you.

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