Ask Away Blog: How To Pick An Engagement Ring For Her Hand Size

Thursday, August 10, 2017

How To Pick An Engagement Ring For Her Hand Size

An engagement ring truly is a thing of beauty, and not only should it suit her style, but it should also look gorgeous on her hand. Below, we discuss how to pick a ring to flatter her hand.

1. Rings for Long Fingers

If your lady has slender, long fingers, you have an easy job! Just about any
beautiful engagement rings in Toronto will look amazing on her. Long fingers look great with either bold designs or dainty options, and smaller diamonds in the centre of the ring combined with a medium-thick band will work really well.

2. Petite Fingers

If your fiancé has thin fingers, opt for simpler rings that have thin bands and smaller diamonds. Oval, princess, heart shape, and small round shapes work best.

3. Short Fingers

Shorter length fingers can be given the illusion of seeming longer with the help of elongated diamonds such as marquise, oval, emerald, or pear shapes. Choose a thin ring band that is delicate and doesn’t cut the fingers off to make them look even shorter. If her fingers are wide as well as short, you may want to consider think split shanks that will add a little more width to the band without making it look too chunky.

4. Larger Hands

Larger hands do well with a larger design engagement ring so that her hand and the ring look in proportion.
If you don’t have the budget for a bigger diamond, a halo or cluster will look just as good and give you more bling for your money. Chunkier settings and unique designs will complement her hands, too, but stay away from thin bands and small solitaires that will look out of proportion.

5. Larger Fingers

Larger fingers work well with bold statement rings. In fact, you can go mad with asymmetrical and angular designs, and aim to have as little skin showing on each side of the centre of the ring as possible. If your lady prefers to go traditional, a halo is good a way to go, or even a cluster setting. Larger diamond shapes such as pear, oval, and emerald will all look good on her finger, and thicker band can help to minimize the appearance of larger fingers. Avoid narrow centre shapes and thinner bands.

6. Smallers Hands

Fingers and rings are all about getting proportion right. If her hand is small, a smaller diamond will look bigger on her finger. Go for a simpler design that is not too imposing, such as an elegant solitaire and thin pave band. For smaller hands, you should stay away from thick bands and large statement-making rings.


Use these 6 tips as a general rule of thumb when picking out an engagement ring for your fiancĂ©. The most important thing is that she has a ring in a style that she loves and that matches her lifestyle and personal taste. Try to create a budget and stick to it and you’re sure to impress her. You can always adjust the design if you want to, such as picking a thinner or wider band, or smaller or larger centre stones, or adding side or halo stones to the design you pick. Just choose a style she will love and then make any adjustments according to her fingers or hands.

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