Ask Away...: Real Protein: What Does it Actually Take to Build Muscle?

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Real Protein: What Does it Actually Take to Build Muscle?

If you’d like to change the way you look, you’re usually in for two options; you either need to shed that weight or get some muscles on your body. Both of these are easier said than done, though, and while nutritionists and personal trainers worldwide are making it look surprisingly easy, we know it’s not.

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To change the way your body looks means that you need to suffer through a few lifestyle changes. You simply cannot lose weight without decreasing the amount of energy you consume - and you cannot gain it without increasing the amount you consume. So, let’s get started; use this as a guide to a stronger and leaner you, without all the confusion.

Why is it so difficult?

To gain weight and build muscles, you’re going to have to eat when even when you’re not hungry, which is an unnatural way of living - at least in the beginning. Your stomach and mind aren’t quite used to this new way of eating and you’re going to have to remind yourself to eat larger meals more frequently.

When you’re looking to gain weight and find it difficult, you probably have a high metabolism, which means that you burn up the energy you consume quite fast, and might even think you’re eating more than enough already - which you’re not, by the way.

A lot of people with this quality don’t really feel hungry until they’re close to starving, so they eat a lot at once and then forget about it. Living like this is second nature to you, so you keep binge-eating your meals and won’t really get the number of calories you need.

Keep reading for a bit of help on how to beat this habit, find a way to feed yourself on the go, and select the right kind of nutrition for your needs.

Real food versus protein shakes

After trying to gain weight for some time, you’ve probably reached the conclusion that protein is the way to go. You’re quite right; consume a lot of protein and your muscles will benefit from it. Protein shakes have received a lot of attention the last decade and with good reason, as they’re a convenient way of consuming calories, the liquid is easier for your body to digest and absorb quickly - and they’re even incredibly tasty if you find the right one.

You should still favor a juicy steak over that protein shake, though, for many reasons. Protein shakes have a lot of protein in them, obviously, but they don’t have the fiber and other minerals that you’ll find from whole food. Enjoy your protein shake after a workout or when you’re in a hurry, but prioritize eating an egg or a chicken salad over an easy shake.

They’re great for convenience, flavor, and to meet your daily protein needs - but not as a substitution for whole food. Wondering what are the best tasting chocolate protein powders? Find your favorite and use it as a handy on-the-go meal when there’s no time for boiling eggs.

Eat more food as often as you can

This is a difficult one for skinny people to follow through, just as it is difficult for larger people to eat less. It’s a part of our brain patterns, and it’s going to take a mountain of will and self-control to change this mindset. The amount you’ve been eating so far isn’t enough, that much we know. You know better than anyone how much you’re eating at the moment, so step it up and try to incorporate calorie dense food more frequently throughout the day.

We’re talking peanut butter, bananas, steaks, nuts, and other highly nutritious food that’s packed with calories. Embrace the power of smoothies if you find it difficult to eat as much as you should, in the beginning. You can pack an entire meal into a glass and drink it without that heavy feeling of a large meal.

Try a breakfast smoothie, for example, by blending two bananas, a cup of oats, two scoops of low-sodium peanut butter as well as a scoop of your favorite protein powder.

All of that healthy food dieters try to steer away from to avoid gaining - eat it up for them, and then have another portion. The idea is, of course, that you need to be exercising your body while doing all of this - or you’d risk getting fat rather than muscly. The more strength you’re able to build, the more you’ll crave this food - and helping yourself to another portion won’t be as hard as it used to be.

It might, in fact, be hard to stop as your body grows - imagine that. Gaining weight is hard, but it’s harder to live with the look of a skinny and frail body, light enough to drift away with the gush of the wind. Hopefully, you’ll find your weight gaining journey to be a bit easier with these simple diet tricks - and can rejoice over a bigger and stronger you.

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