Ask Away...: The Best Tools for Beating Anxiety

Monday, August 7, 2017

The Best Tools for Beating Anxiety

Anxiety is a condition that causes interference with daily life for many people. There are different variations of how severe the condition can be, from a few stomach flips at the thought of something frightening to being completely house bound. If you’re dealing with anxiety, the first step to beating it is to acknowledge that you’re suffering. There are many people living with anxiety who are unaware of what they’re dealing with because they have yet to seek help. Visit your doctor and describe your symptoms so you can get the right treatment. Then, try out these methods when you need a little extra help.


Take a Break
Sometimes, one of the best ways to avoid an anxiety attack, is to distract yourself. If you feel yourself becoming anxious, step away from whatever you’re doing and take a break. Go and make yourself a cup of coffee, chat to a colleague or go out for some fresh air. It’s all about changing your view. When something else enters your brain, your anxiety is no longer at the forefront of your thinking. Then, you can return to whatever you were doing with a fresh outlook.

Take a Breath
It sounds too simple to be a solution to anxiety, but taking the time to breathe properly and concentrate on breathing techniques can do wonders for how you’re feeling. If you start to get heart palpitations or a sudden feeling of panic, it’s best to stay where you are, rather than try to get up and distract yourself. Concentrate on taking long, deep breaths and relaxing yourself as best you can. It can sometimes help to place your hand on your stomach and feel your muscles contracting and relaxing as you breathe.

Don’t Fall Off the Wagon
If you’ve struggled with any kind of addiction in the past, anxiety can tempt you into getting involved again. There have been many people who have turned to drugs or alcohol simply in an effort to escape what they feel because of anxiety. This isn’t a solution. If you feel you need help, you can visit to find out more. Many studies have shown that the effects of drugs and alcohol can actually enhance the feelings of anxiety when they have worn off. Avoid taking any kind of substance that will have an effect on the way you feel.


Face Your Fears
Anxiety often manifests because of a fear of the unknown. If you avoid facing your fears, your anxiety is likely to get worse. For example, if you’re feeling anxious because you’ve been called into a meeting with your boss tomorrow morning, you’ll make it worse by trying to avoid thinking about it. If you face whatever you’re scared of, you’re more likely to beat your anxiety. So, what’s the worst thing your boss could do? Imagine everything, from a disciplinary hearing to getting fired. Although these things are unlikely, it could stop you from fearing what’s going to happen.

Look at the Possibilities
For the most part, our fears are irrational. Our minds talk us into being scared of things we don’t really need to be scared of. For example, you may not want to get on a rollercoaster because you’ve heard stories of people being injured or fatalities at theme parks. However, if you do your research, these events are very rare and the theme parks are responsible for your safety. So, you could avoid going on a ride out of fear or you could accept the worst-case scenario, take a risk and have some fun. Take a look at this -  If the roles were reversed and your friend was fearful of theme park rides, what would you say?

You Aren’t Perfect
There is no-one on the planet who is perfect. Perfection doesn’t exist. And yet, we still strive for it. Accepting that things aren’t going to be perfect can help a great deal with anxiety. Knowing that things are likely to go wrong at any given moment can help you to live life without fear. No-one likes to think about things going wrong, but they’re part of life and it’s important to not take them personally. If you can learn to deal with everyday stresses, you’ll have a much better chance at dealing with bigger problems when they come along.


Go to Your Happy Place
A happy place is somewhere you can visualise that makes you feel happy. It may be strolling through the woods with your dogs running ahead of you or perhaps you have memories of a wonderful holiday abroad, sipping cocktails on a hot beach. Wherever your happy place is, try and use it when you’re feeling anxious. If you start to feel like anxiety is getting the better of you, sit down, close your eyes and begin to visualise your happy place. It’s somewhere that should make you feel safe and calm. Take a few minutes to relax yourself with this technique and you should feel much better.

Talk About It
Unfortunately, anxiety is still somewhat of a taboo subject. No-one really wants to admit that they suffer from anxiety, so many people suffer in silence. The irony is, one of the best treatments for anxiety is to talk about it. Sharing your fears with someone else can do one of two things: either you’ll realise how unfounded the fear is by saying it out loud or the person you’re talking to will help to take the burden off your shoulders. There are dedicated helplines when you want to talk about your anxiety but don’t want to do it with someone you know. There are also many online forums dedicated to people who suffer with anxiety and their family and friends.


Look After Yourself
When addressing your anxiety, it’s important to look after yourself in all other aspects too. Make sure you’re eating healthy meals and getting regular exercise. Try to get a good night’s sleep every night and if you’re struggling to look after yourself, or need a little advice, seek it out. The way we manage our bodies has a direct link to how our brains work.

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