Ask Away...: Kristina Rihanoff's New Life Outside of Dancing

Friday, September 22, 2017

Kristina Rihanoff's New Life Outside of Dancing

Kristina Rihanoff recently attended London Fashion Week to show off her new collection of dresses. She worked with London-based designer Pia Michi to design the dresses. Kristina is a dancer on BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing. The 39-year-old dancer displayed her hourglass figure by wearing one of her own designs. She wore a stunning yellow silk dress and answered questions about how she juggles work and family life.

Kristina credits her beau for being around so that she can pursue her love of fashion. Ben Cohen is a former rugby player. The two met on the set of Strictly Come Dancing and have a young daughter, Milena. Ben is a hands-on dad, which allows Kristina to spend time designing dresses.

The clothing collection that Kristina shares with Pia Michi features long, fitted gowns and cocktail dresses. Many of the dresses are sparkly and have unique embellishments. While Kristina loves dancing and fashion, she does admit that motherhood changed her priorities. For example, she no longer worries about her weight and is better at shrugging off negative comments.

After the birth of her daughter, Kristina worked hard to tone her body properly. With that said, she took her time before returning to exercise. She wanted to get her lean figure back the healthy way. Following the birth of her daughter, she used a combination of yoga and dancing to get in shape.

Kristina used yoga after her pregnancy so that she could rebuild her core strength. She did not want to start dancing again until she was in better shape. She credits yoga for helping her get stronger. Kristina is a qualified yoga teacher. She has been a yoga participant for 18 years.

Once she felt stronger, she started incorporating dancing into her workouts. In addition, she also altered her diet. She started eating a vegan diet, which helped played a role in getting her lean figure back. Kristina now feels good in her own clothes again. She enjoys spending time with Ben and Milena. She still dances when she has a chance and loves the challenge of creating a successful fashion line.

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