Ask Away...: Time To Get In The Fast Fashion Lane

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Time To Get In The Fast Fashion Lane

Fashion shops are on a fast track. What’s hot one week becomes backroom clutter the next. This consumer focused industry is tasked with making you feel the urgency of the fashion world. And, most shops do a pretty good job.

Once, the same stock was on the shelf for an entire season. If you didn’t like what was in for spring, you had to wait until summer to see any real change. Now, your choices are different from one Monday to the next. If you don’t like the fashions one week, you won’t have to wait long until you find something better.

For the most part, this is a positive change. In an attempt to beat online competitors, physical fashion stores are upping the ante. But, if you fail to get up to speed, you could soon miss out. Which is why we’re going to look at a ways to go up a few gears when it comes to buying clothes.

Check shops often

The chances are that you visit your favorite stores once every few months anyway. In the past, that would’ve been more than enough to keep you at the forefront. But, every few months may not be often enough anymore. Instead, you should attempt to check your favorite shops at least once a month, if not weekly. That’s not to say you need to go all out with shopping trips. Dropping in quickly is all it takes.When you’re visiting that often, you’ll soon get a decent grasp on the stock and layout. As such, a brief glance will be all you need to recognize the new items. Hence, you’ll never miss out on the ideal outfit again.

Don’t hesitate to buy

This point can be a little more painful to swallow. Clothes can be expensive, and many of us prefer to hold back before jumping in. We’ve all used the ‘I’ll think about it’ line when facing an item we’re not sure about. But, how often in recent years has it been gone when you’ve returned the next day?

It’s a painful reality that we all need to get our heads around; our clothes don’t wait around anymore! If you like something, you need to buy it there and then. Or, at least head back the same day. If you don’t get paid for a few days, you may need to borrow the money, or turn to a company like Cigno Loans to seal the deal. Just make sure you can pay them back before you find yourself in trouble! Whatever you do, get that dream item home before it’s gone!

Recognize which fast fashions won’t last

Of course, you need to be smart with your purchases. Some fast fashions simply aren’t built to last. During your trips, develop an eye for items which are likely to stand the test of time. While the shops move fast, you don’t want the same high turnover for your wardrobe. Look for quality outfits which are sure to last you.

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