Ask Away...: 10 Reasons Why Winter Is Possibly The Best Season Of The Year

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

10 Reasons Why Winter Is Possibly The Best Season Of The Year

A few short weeks ago, the summer sun shone into our homes and lives as a beacon of all that is good in the world. There was time to relax, go on vacation, and spend time basking in the warmth and light of the sunlight. And then it was gone. Suddenly the night’s are drawing in, the air is turning cold, and the energy bills at home are beginning to rise as we feel the early nip of winter. Depressing isn’t it! Why did summer have to leave so soon? Big sigh! However....

Winter isn’t so bad! Okay, so we miss summer, and it didn’t last as long as it should. But perhaps we should stop looking so glum. There are loads of reasons why winter is awesome, and we have some of them right here. So if you are feeling blue, and many of us do over the winter months, maybe it’s time to cheer ourselves up. Here is why winter is quite possibly the best season of the year. Honestly!

1. You can reconfigure your wardrobe. Purge your summer outfits and restock with something new. From wooly coats to these fabulous farm to feet indoor shoes, now is the perfect time to think about your winter fashion. Not only that, but you don’t even have to choose what to wear every day. In short, you could wear absolutely everything, especially when it’s cold outside. Dress yourself in as many layers as you want, and show off your entire winter wardrobe to your mates in one go! You may need to ask them to turn the central heating down, however, or you will melt faster than a snowman.

2. You can eat soup every day! The perfect way to warm up your belly, there is nothing better than a nice hot soup with some crusty bread. Not only that, but think of those other foods that are perfect when you are in need of some inner warmth. Stew is a winter staple and can be left to simmer on your slow cooker while you’re out doing other things. Come home to the fresh smell of cooking and settle down for a tasty dinner. Chilli is awesome too, and so is a hot curry, perfect for heating up your taste buds. You have probably neglected these foods over the summer, so it’s time to get your chef’s hat on again and prepare something delicious.

3. Those cold mornings are a perfect excuse to spend an extra hour in bed. Yes, you may ruin your fitness plan, but do you really want to go out running in sleet and snow? Your wooly jumpers will hide the extra pounds you put on over the winter months, and you can resolve to get back outside in the New Year when the weather cheers up a little bit. For now, hibernate like a bear, and enjoy the luxury of your duvet.

4. Now is the perfect time to binge watch all your favorite shows on Netflix, or catch up with all your recordings on your Tivo. TV is awesome, and there are always great shows to watch, but if you are anything like us, you may have felt guilty sitting indoors watching the box when the sun was glaring at you through the window. Get back into your favorite shows, snuggle up in a blanket with your feet up, and escape for a few hours into your television.

5. Hot chocolate! Possibly the most enticing two words on the planet. Probably. You can drink as much of it as you want, topped off with whipped cream and marshmallows. Yummy. Of course, you may want to cut back if you’re thinking about your calories, but guess what? There are healthy hot chocolate recipes online, so you don’t need to worry so much when you’re sipping this most decadent of drinks.

6. You can finally stoke up the flames and use your fireplace. Probably dormant over the summer, you now have the excuse to sit in front of a crackling fire, armed with a glass of mulled wine and one of those books that have been gathering dust on the shelf. Don’t have an open fire? Fear not, you can buy an artificial one which pretty much looks the same, without having to reload it with fuel.

7. Snow! Is there anything greater? Well, there’s certainly nothing colder, but wrap up warm, and you can have enormous amounts of fun outside. Build a snowman, have crazy snowball fights and go sledding down the nearest hill. Unless you live in the arctic, the winter is the only season when snow falls, so make the most of the glorious white stuff while you can.

8. Party time! And guess what, we aren’t talking about indoor parties, either! You don’t want your guests treading through your carpets in their muddy boots. We are talking about having a
winter garden party. As crazy as this sounds, the winter is the perfect time for a social, toasting marshmallows on a bonfire, and drinking mulled wine with your besties while wrapped up in your winter woolies.

9. Winter is the time to spend with your family. During the summer, your kids were probably out every day doing their thing, while you were out doing yours. But now the weather is colder; you have the opportunity to huddle up together at home. Put down your smartphones and do something together. You could have a movie night or get out the board games, and create some special bonding moments together. Don’t have kids? Well, you now have extra time to spend with other loved ones. Wrap up warm with your partner under a blanket and have a kiss and a cuddle, and rekindle those flames that don’t come from the fireplace.

10. Christmas!!! Yay, it’s almost time for Christmas. Yes, we know this time can also be stressful, especially on your bank balance, but there are ways to cut the seasonal costs. Besides, Christmas isn’t only about splashing out the cash on expensive presents. It’s a time to be together with your loved ones, and reconnect with relatives you may not have seen for a long time. As the winter cold beats against the window, you can take a break from the outside world and focus on everything that matters. Christmas is a time to be thankful for all that you have in your life, so spread some festive cheer to those around you.

We hope you have a wonderful winter

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  1. You hit the nail on the head with soup every day. So easy to make and filling especially during those winter months when all I crave a a warm bowl in my hands. Great list!


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