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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Every Great Blogger Needs These Things!

There was a time when the idea of being able to make a career out of writing about the things that you enjoyed would have seemed completely and utterly ludicrous to most people. Now, whether it's parenting, cooking, fitness, crafts, or anything else, thousands of people are able to earn their living doing just that! Blogging is a truly 21st kind of career, and it really isn't that surprising why so many people find themselves drawn to it. After all, it offers a great deal of freedom and independence as well as the chance to be incredibly creative with your work. However, there are always going to be challenges that you have to face. With that in mind, here are some things that every great blogger needs.

Somewhere to host your blog

In the early days of a blog, hosting isn't really something that a lot of people consider. However, as blogs begin to grow and expand it can become a much more significant issue. After all, the more traffic that your blog receives, the more difficult it can be keep up with. Check out this site for a list of some of the best WP hosting available. That way you can be sure that your blog is well maintained and can stand up to even the largest amounts of traffic as your reputation and readership begin to grow significantly.      

An eye for design

apartment, bed, carpet
Walls of text will often put your readers to sleep. Source

It might seem strange, but the writing isn't actually the first thing that people latch onto when they arrive at a blog. The reality of the internet is that, if something doesn't catch someone's attention right away, they're pretty likely just to click off and go look at something else. Because of this, you need to make sure that your blog is as visually appealing as possible. If your blog looks cluttered, confusing, or just plain ugly, then you're going to face a lot more of a challenge just making people want to read it in the first place. Sure, the words should always be important, but if you want people to stick around long enough to read them, then you've got to provide them with a site that's well laid out, that uses colour effectively, and that gives them something interesting to look at. This means that using images in your blog posts is also an incredibly useful thing to do.

The ability to network

It can sometimes feel as though blogging is a purely solitary activity and that the only real engagement that you have is between you and your readers. However, that simply isn't true. Being a blogger means that you're almost certainly going to be part of a community, whether that's a community based around the subject of your blog or simply of people writing online. Plenty of blogs are able to grow their audiences by cross-promoting with others. Things like having other bloggers on to do guests posts on your site and them doing the same for you can make a huge difference in reaching readers that you might never have connected with. In order to network properly, you need to be able to talk to people. Of course, talking to another blogger is very different from talking to a reader. You need to engage with them as an equal rather than as someone to be talked down to. If you carry yourself as though you're somehow better than them, then you're just going to end up getting a bad reputation.

A rigid schedule

agenda, book, business
Without a schedule you’re going to be forgotten. Source

One thing that a lot of people tend to forget is that time moves incredibly quickly on the internet. A couple of weeks might not seem that long, but it's easily enough for certain readers to start to forget about you. A month without posting any content could leave you as a distant memory. Because of this, you need a regular, frequent upload schedule to ensure that you're always in your reader's minds. If you're not posting often enough, then they're liable to forget you, but if you do it too often, then they're going to be overwhelmed by the sheer level of content and end up missing things. Finding the right balance can be tricky, but it's still incredibly important.

A unique voice

The harsh truth is that there are tens of thousands of other bloggers out there all trying to achieve the same thing as you. Many of them might even be writing about the same subjects as you as well, and if you're not able to set yourself apart from these other bloggers, then you're just going to end up getting lost in the shuffle. The key is to have something that readers can only get from you. Having a voice that is both totally unique and instantly recognisable is one of the very best ways to achieve this. It's not something that comes easily; it takes time and practice to figure out what your unique style and voice really are.

A dynamic writing style

ballpoint pen, classic, coffee
It’s time to remember those creative writing classes! Source

Speaking of style, it should hardly come as much of a surprise that the single most important part of any blog is the writing on it. If you're not creating content that people actually want to read, then nothing else you do is going to make any difference whatsoever. Make sure that the things you're writing about are interesting and that you're able to express your ideas in the most dynamic and engaging way possible. The worst thing for any blogger is to leave the reader feeling bored. If that happens, then they have no real reason to come back and read anything again. This means that your content has to meet the same high standard every single time. You never know when it's going to be someone's first time visiting your blog.

Of course, all of these things are going to be useless unless you can actually get to find people who want to read your blog. Make sure that you're using things like social media and other outlets to promote your blog as much as possible. A blog without readers is as good as useless after all.

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