Ask Away...: Getting A Christmas Necklace For Your Girlfriend

Monday, October 9, 2017

Getting A Christmas Necklace For Your Girlfriend

Whether you are working, in school, or off at uni, you may find yourself in a situation where your relationship with your girlfriend has reached the level where you want to get her some jewelry that makes her feel special. 

As a man, if you choose a necklace that they actually like, you can send just the right message to them, i.e.  you care and you know them well enough to find something that they will appreciate for some time.

Of course, from your girlfriend's perspective, the necklace type that you pick out for her can also speak volumes about the nature of your relationship currently.

Here are some ways that you can send a message this Christmas by buying a specific type of necklace for your girlfriend:


Most people that care about the woman that they are dating realize that even if your relationship is casual as you approach the holidays, it is a nice gesture to get them something special like a necklace.  If you focus on costume jewelry that is actually made of gold or silver, they will likely keep the pieces for the rest of their life- something that will give you a special place in their heart or their memories for good.

Casual women's necklaces can be well-made and cost-competitive at online sites like  They may seem like a bauble, however, for many events, a bauble is what is called for and your girlfriend will certainly appreciate having something in that category.


If you and your girlfriend are well-educated or you are fans of history or the royalty, finding used jewelry that has classic cuts on the stones is one way to create a conversation starter for your girlfriend the next time she wears your gift to a party.  The biggest question that men often have when they get started looking at vintage jewelry is will your girlfriend actually wear it. 

In most cases, the answer is yes.  If there is real historic value there, the answer would be an emphatic yes.  If your girlfriend received a pearl from Amsterdam that is circa the date of the famous painting 'Woman with an earring', she will likely treasure it forever.  Similarly, there was a trend a few years ago to buy a coin online from an ancestor like King Manfred of Sicily and then hang it from a necklace that was made of pure gold or silver.  That type of historic recognition allowed women to honor their ancestors in a way that used true period pieces.  The nice thing about historic jewelry like that is that it doesn't actually cost that much to order the coin and the matching necklace.


If you have a more serious relationship or if you want to express that you would perhaps like to take your relationship to the next level at some point in the future, getting real stones and real gold and silver necklaces is an excellent way to do it.

Of course, instead of diamonds, if you choose ruby, sapphire, emerald, and opal, you can create quite the library of necklaces for your girlfriend without actually having to pay like you would have to with diamonds.  Different color gems can also allow your girlfriend to pretend that she is a princess because you will of course be able to afford more of them.

Finding the right necklace for your girlfriend over the holidays is one the most exciting purchases that you can make.  The more daring and understanding that you are, the bigger your reward will be if you get it right and find the objet of her desires.

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