Ask Away...: Making It Easier To Stick To Fitness

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Making It Easier To Stick To Fitness

Exercising regularly can take a lot out of us, in terms of motivation, time, and happiness. Sometimes it just isn’t what someone wants to get up to, which makes it hard to stick to. It can get waylaid due to other priorities, and that doesn’t help anyone in the long run. So, to try and make sure we stick to our exercise routines, we come up with new and fun ways to stay motivated. Do something good for yourself and try out a non-traditional exercise routine you know you can commit to! Here’s a few ideas on how to do so.


Be Sure to Start Off Small

Don’t be afraid to take small steps when you need to, as this can help us build up to the bigger aspects of a workout routine, and is more likely to make sure we stick to one. There’s a lot you can do for yourself when you only have a few moves in mind, and it makes warm ups quicker to get through without straining a muscle.

Stop letting yourself get sore or injured at the first hurdle, and gradually increase whatever it is you want to do. Only jog for 15 or 30 minutes, at a light pace, depending on how far you think you can go realistically. Only do a couple of planks for as long as you can hold them, as you don’t want your stomach muscles to get sore, making getting out of bed hard to do the next morning!

Try to Make it Part of a Household Routine

Normalise exercise for yourself and others, and get those living with you into the routine alongside you. This can make us feel less alone or isolated because of our fitness efforts, and can lower our worrying about the teasing element as everybody else is right next to us on the yoga mats.

When you have a quick spare five minutes, and you’ve done your big workout, or you’re trying to work up to it, set up some furniture in such a way that makes it easy to use to try some simple moves. If that doesn’t work, stick some equipment pieces around the house for you to use when they catch your eye. For example, buy yourself a Pull Up Mate and do a few quick reps every time you go through a certain doorway.

When we include something new and taxing as part of an everyday thing we like to get up to, it’s a lot easier to stick to and become good at. Don’t delay in trying this, as it could just be the solution you’re looking for.

Overall, Don’t Let Yourself Have Impossible Standards

At the end of the day, the people who matter are the ones who love you for you. And that needs to include yourself as well! Make sure you do something for yourself because you want to, and don’t set yourself up for a fail every time because you forgot to do something or you never managed to get something done that you know you couldn’t do realistically.

There needs to be a little compassion for yourself and your hardworking muscles, including your heart and brain, at the end of a busy day. Know what you can manage, don’t lie to yourself just to make you feel better in the moment, and keep at something. After all, practice makes perfect.

And Always Try to Make it Fun

This is probably the best solution out there to your fitness regime problems, and it can solve a whole world of hurt for you. By making something fun, we make it memorable and something that we want to do again. Therefore, try and inject some entertainment into an otherwise serious field.

Bring along a good friend to the gym, and laugh and joke with each other when it matters. Similarly, put on some good or silly music to workout too, and just try to have a good time whenever you can. Silly looking towels for the shower afterwards are also a novelty, and then there’s the idea that you can wear something colorful or stupid at the same time as well!

Work out what it is you want from your workout, and then try to stick to what it is you do with some of these helpful tips. Celebrate at the end of a workout season when you start to notice results, as it can help make everything else seem worth it; you definitely deserve it!

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