Ask Away...: The Best Countries For Real Estate Investment Abroad

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

The Best Countries For Real Estate Investment Abroad

To buy property abroad seems like a dream to some - and a bit frightening to others. We know the market at home so much better, however much it may be struggling, and to learn about a foreign market as well is quite a challenge. You can reap a bigger return on your investments by finding the most profitable cities in the world to put your hard-earned money in, though.

Here is a quick rundown of the countries with the highest yields so that you can make an informed decision. Some of them are great as vacation places too, by the way, and the prices may continue to climb over the next couple of years.

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Why real estate investment abroad?

While some shy away from putting their money in a foreign country, it could actually be one of the best investments you ever make. It takes a bit of research and planning, of course, in order to get it right - and it’s a good idea to get in touch with local professionals or someone here at home with knowledge about the market abroad.

Talk to a lawyer here at home, and you’ll be able to gain knowledge about the finances abroad as well as the rules and regulations around your own taxes. When you invest your money in the right places, you’re truly diversifying and you’ll ensure a healthy safety net in case any of your investments in the US should go downhill.

Spain: Barcelona

A fantastic holiday city as well as a great place to invest in property; the Spanish bankers are trying hard to win over foreign investors. You can score a two-bedroom apartment in the middle of Barcelona for a lot less than here at home, and the wealthy tourists that the city keeps attracting as basically a guarantee for a good return on your investments.

Many of these European holiday cities will be an excellent choice to put your dollars in as the holiday season keeps attracting new tenants. Make use of it yourself when you need it, and rent it out for the rest of the year. Consider Portugal and Italy as well and have a look at Enness International to see if you’re able to finance the city you’ve set your heart on.  

New Zealand

This country has ranked on the top lists for a few years now and for good reasons. The market is stable and, although the prices are not particularly low, the population is - so you can bask in an uncrowded market with a lot of room to grow. It is a beautiful country too which gives you great opportunities for holidays when you’re in need of a break.

Because the market is so stable, it’s a lot easier to get a mortgage from the bank as well since they’re able to see a proven property market and not one of those in development and with ‘potential’ for growth. New Zealand promises growth because the population is low and their economics are stable, and your investment should give a great return if you choose to sell in a few years.


Unsurprisingly, Panama ranks as a great country for real estate investments with US dollars. It is the third largest economy in Central America, after all, and the country remains in a strong position with its dollarized economy and strategic ownership of the Panama Canal which has driven their real estate market to a true boom.  

However much Panama has been in the newspapers the last couple of years, it still features a robust legal system and a healthy economy, and has averaged about 8 % annual GDP growth over the last five years. It shows that not only is Panama is excellent choice for investing in property as you won’t spend as much as you would here at home, but you’re almost promised a high yield on the money you put in.

It’s an exotic and beautiful country too, so you’ll have a holiday place within reach when you need to get away for a bit. The political aspect of Panama is a different story, though, and you can read up about it here to learn more before making any decisions.

Foreign property investment can be quite smart when you want to diversify your investments. It just takes a lot of research and background material to make up your mind, so use the web and get in touch with more knowledgeable people.

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