Ask Away...: The Modern Features Your New Car Should Have

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

The Modern Features Your New Car Should Have


Modern car technology is advancing at a rapid pace right now. It sometimes seems that as soon as a vehicle is launched, it is already archaic in many ways, however, if you choose your vehicle carefully and ensure that it has the following awesome features, you can be sure that you will be riding in modern comfort until your next upgrade:

An LCD Touchscreen

One of the best Subaru Impreza features and one that it shares with a whole host of other vehicles released this year is its excellent LCD touchscreen, which is clear, easy to use and very convenient, especially when it comes to controlling Apple CarPlay or similar. If you're buying a vehicle and it doesn't have a touchscreen, then chances are you could do better!

A Phone Integration System

Of course, there is little point having a touchscreen in your vehicle if you can’t connect your devices to your vehicle, which is why, if you’re buying a new car, you should be looking out for a vehicle that offers either Bluetooth connectivity or has its own inbuilt phone integration system, which will let you play music and take calls through your car’s speakers. If you have Siri or similar software on your phone, then such systems will even enable you to answer texts and make calls hands-free, which is certainly a benefit in this modern, constantly-connected, world.

A Keyless Start System

You might think that a keyless start system is a neat little feature, but hardly a revolutionary necessity when you're trying to choose between the Ford and the Honda, but just think about it; how many times do you struggle to open your car door because your hands are full of grocery bags, or you can’t find your keys because they’re wedged right at the bottom of your purse? A keyless start system will start to seem a lot more essential!

A USB Port(s)

How many portable devices do you have? You probably have a cell phone, but how about a kindle? A tablet? A laptop? GPS system? Chances are you have at least one of those things and chances are you need it to be fully charged at all times, that’s why you need a car that has at least one USB port to help you keep your tech charged and plugged in, even when you’re on the road.

Hot Seats

Slightly less hi-tech than some of the other suggestions in this post, I would nevertheless argue that if you’re buying a new car, you may as well choose one that boost your comfort levels as high as possible, and one of the best ways to achieve this aim is by choosing a vehicle like the Hyundai Elantra which features heated seats - something which you’ll be especially grateful for in the dead of winter.

A Dash Cam

Dash cams have never been more available or more affordable, and although even most new cars do not come fitted with their own front and rear cameras, they are a feature that you should be looking to add to your car as soon as possible. Why?. simply because, should you get into an accident or become the victim of a vehicle-based crime, the dash cam will record the evidence you need to show your accident lawyer, the authorities or your insurance company, ensuring you are not held liable for something that was not your fault.

A Vehicle Reversing Camera

While we’re on the subject of cameras, another awesome feature of many new cars is the vehicle reversing camera which is perfect for those of you who have trouble with your parking. This simple invention allows you to actually get a good view behind you, including those pesky blind spots, when you’re reversing, allowing you to carry out the easiest parallel parking manoeuvres ever! They can help to cut down on accidents too.

Automatic Braking Systems

If you thought your car’s anti-lock braking system was good, you’ll be blown away by a good automatic braking system, which is now a common feature of many new cars. Such a system uses a combination of radar, sensors, video and even ultrasonic technology to detect the proximity of other vehicles and objects to the car and when it senses a possible danger, it can swing into action, overriding your control of the car to slam on the brakes and stop you getting into an accident. If that sounds a little too much, you can find systems that will simply light up a warning light to let you know that a possible danger is lurking nearby.

A stability Control Systems

Again, stability control systems are quite common in new vehicles. They are quite simply a king of traction control that will help you, as a driver, to keep better control of your vehicle should one or more of your tires experience a loss of traction on the road. This could really help to improve your safety and the safety of other road users, particularly in snowy, icy and slippery wet conditions.

Ghost Car Navigation

This feature is still in the development phase right now, but I thought it worth mentioning because when it does become available, it will certainly be a must-have. So, what exactly is ghost car navigation? Quite simply, it is a feature being designed by Jaguar, which will enable your vehicle to project a ghost car out onto the road. This car will be programmed to guide you to your destination so that you don’t get lost! Basically, it’s a souped-up version of GPS that will make longer and new journeys even easier than ever before! Let’s hope it’s not too long before it becomes a common feature.

It might be difficult to find a vehicle that includes each and every one of these features, but if you do your best to find a car that includes as many of them as possible, you’ll have a much better time on the road, and be the proud owner of one of the most modern, functional and fun vehicles in your neighborhood.

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  1. These are good things to know for sure!

  2. These are very important features for cars, I think cameras are the most important!

  3. You're a real car expert! Lovely tips and good to know.

    xx Simone
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