Ask Away...: 3 Life Hacks That Help You Spend Less (They Really Work!)

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

3 Life Hacks That Help You Spend Less (They Really Work!)

Spending too much money is something we’re all guilty of doing. Which is why I thought you could all do with some help in the form of these three lifehacks that I recently discovered. Check them out down below:

Shop alone to limit temptations. Source

Go Shopping On Your Own

Shopping can be quite boring when you’re on your own. There’s no fun going around loads of shops alone, it starts to feel more like a chore than a fun day out. This is why we tend to go shopping with our friends, so we enjoy it more. However, as it explains in this article, we might want to reconsider our shopping habits. Apparently, we tend to spend more when we shop with someone else. This is because we often feel obliged to buy things, or our friends influence our decisions. Therefore, if you want to start spending less, try this simple trick; shop on your own from now on! Meet your friends for coffee instead, or have them round for brunch, stop making shopping an event with your pals, and start doing it alone.

A credit card makes you more money-conscious. Credit

Make A Credit Card You Primary Mode Of Purchase

A lot of people think that credit cards are only used to pay for things you can’t really afford. On the contrary, they’re a key financial tool, and this little hack will help you spend a lot less. If you use your credit card as your primary way of paying for things, then you’ll see two immediate benefits. Firstly, as it details on, your provider will offer a variety of different rewards that you can collect with every purchase. By using it as your main way of paying for things, you can gain more points or cash back. Secondly, credit cards have limits that you can’t go over. As such, this makes you more conscious of your spending as you need to ensure you don’t max out your card each month. It’ll make you spend less, but the money you spend will also benefit you in the form of rewards!

Small bills are more likely to get spent. Source

Don’t Carry Small Bills In Your Purse

This is a hack I recently found out about, and I have to say, I love it. The idea is very clever; you don’t carry small bills in your purse. Instead, you only have large bills, say, $50 or more. Why? Because you’re less likely to spend money when you have big bills to hand. If you’ve got a tenner in your purse, then you’ll easily pick up a few things from the shop that you don’t really need. But, when the bill is big, it makes you think; is it worth all the change? No one likes carrying change around, and you feel like you’re wasting the bill when you spend it on something smaller than its value. As a result, you’ve cleverly limited your reckless spending and made it easier to stick to a budget.

I really like these three life hacks, and I think they’ll definitely help you spend less. The first one gets rid of outside influences making you spend more money. The second one helps you become more conscious of your spending, and the third stops you from buying small things you don’t need.

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  1. I never carry cash -- it just makes me view it as free money, haha!

    1. LOL it does tend to have that effect on some people!


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