Ask Away...: 3 Things You Can Do with a Liberal Studies Degree

Thursday, November 30, 2017

3 Things You Can Do with a Liberal Studies Degree

Liberal studies, sometimes known as liberal arts, are comprised of a diverse range of subjects which encompasses both social and natural sciences, as well as the humanities and arts. The broad nature of the degree makes it a popular choice for students who are looking for a varied course of study and who enjoy being challenged on several different fronts simultaneously.
It might sound like a relatively modern subject, but in fact liberal arts studies is one of the oldest educational subjects still in existence. In fact, students have been studying liberal studies since the days of Ancient Greece, when it was viewed as the subject of choice for the most educated in society.
Liberal studies are also proving to be an increasingly popular degree option because of the many career paths which become accessible with the qualification. Among subjects which are interdisciplinary, meaning that they require students to make use of knowledge and skills from several different disciplines or subjects simultaneously, liberal studies stands out as being one of the most well rounded subjects to study.
Many liberal studies courses offer a number of options for students to customize and personalize the course contents so that they are relevant to each individual student’s interests and hopes for the future.


A liberal studies degree is a great start point for those who would like to forge a career in journalism. Although there are many different subject areas that journalists can specialize in, there are some core skills which are required of all journalists, regardless of their specialty. Liberal studies will provide an excellent grounding in many of these, especially the need for journalists to engage with and understand the societies which they work within.
If you are interested in pursuing a liberal studies degree as a pathway to a career in journalism, then you might want to consider studying an online master in liberal studies degree. An online master in liberal studies program will be cheaper than the campus equivalent.

Policy Analyst

Policy analysis is exactly what it sounds like, analyzing policy proposals, and is a skill which is considered valuable in a number of different areas. There is the obvious example of politics, be it the local, state, or even federal level, but policy analysis is also often used by non-governmental organizations such as charities.
When analyzing the merits of any given policy, a policy analyst must be able to consider the matter in relation to a number of different considerations. For example, if a charity is considering using some of their money in order to fund the opening of a community garden, then they will want a policy analyst to consider whether the allocated funds are enough, whether the necessary infrastructure is in place to manage and maintain the project, and whether the project overall will satisfy the charity’s objectives.

Speech Writer

Speech writing is an excellent career choice for those who enjoy writing, in particular persuasive writing, and would relish the challenge to use their writing abilities in order to help politicians and other individuals to get their message across and to inspire confidence.
A liberal studies degree is an excellent way to open up a number of different options for your future simultaneously and is worth considering for anyone who is looking for a well-rounded challenge.

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