Ask Away...: 5 Ways To Make Use Of Wood In Your Home

Thursday, November 23, 2017

5 Ways To Make Use Of Wood In Your Home

The very first homes were built using wood. To this day it remains a reliable material, adding a natural and rustic aesthetic whilst being sturdy and easy to DIY. Many people rely heavily on plastics and metals and fabrics in their home nowadays, but there are still many times when wood can be the superior choice. Here are five of best ways to use wood.


Carpets may provide warmth on your toes, but they’re far less easy to clean than wooden flooring. Wooden flooring works especially well in a kitchen in which foods and liquids may need to be easily cleaned up. For a rustic solution, you may be able to simply strip away the carpets and reveal the floorboards beneath. Laminating these floorboards may be required to make them more stain resistant. Another option could simply be to add in drop-fit wooden flooring. This provides a thin laminate wood layer that’s easy to install and remove.


Wooden countertops are also ideal in a kitchen. When laminated, these wooden countertops become scratch-resistant and stain-resistant. They’re less clinical and more natural than plastic and steel countertops, whilst being half the cost of stone countertops. It’s worth matching a wooden countertops to cabinets or flooring.


Whilst aluminium and UPVC window frames are becoming more common, wood is still an option. Wooden window frames are good insulators and are long-lasting. They are more expensive however and require regular treatment against weathering and insects. Most people choose wooden frames because of their aesthetic value. There are lots of styles of wooden frames from arched windows to Venetian windows with shutters.


Many types of furniture are commonly made of wood from cupboards to bed frames to tables. There are examples to fit every price range from cheap flat pack MDF solutions to expensive hand-carved mahogany items. It’s worth matching all furniture in one room to one style and shade of wood. In a dining room, always choose sets of tables and chairs made of the same wood and style. Similarly you can keep harmony in a bedroom by keeping woods matches. It’s possible to make mismatched woods complement one another by both painting them the same colour, although you could lose the rustic feel that the wood offers.


Countless ornamental objects can be made of wood to help bring aesthetic value to your home from picture frames to wooden fruit bowls. It’s possible to even create a feature wall using wooden panels for a log cabin feel. Veneering is a popular way of using wood for ornamental purposes and many household items can be bought veneered from digital radios to kettles. Wicker items meanwhile can be used all around the home includes wicker baskets for putting toiletries in and even wicker blinds.

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