Ask Away...: Cool Convertibles That You, Shockingly, CAN Afford!

Monday, November 13, 2017

Cool Convertibles That You, Shockingly, CAN Afford!

Did you always dream about owning a beautiful new convertible? Perhaps you love the idea of your hair blowing in the wind as you drive down a beautiful country road. In the summer months, a convertible can be a wonderful little treat and an absolute pleasure to drive. We won’t talk about winter, except to say, that if you want to get a soft top is probably best to arrange some form of winter storage.

Though, as it turns out, that will be the least of your worries. You see the biggest problem with buying a convertible is the expense that comes with it. There’s no way around it, convertibles are expensive, and they are typically sports cars which of course, adds to the cost. If you want a cheap car, you may want to stay away from convertibles...or so you might think. Actually, as it turns out, there are some rather nifty convertibles that might just be in your price range. Let’s take a quick peek at some of the best on the market right now that won’t break the bank. In fact, you might be able to get one for under 10K!

Opal Tigra

The Opal Tigra is a stunning little car, perfect for zipping around town in with a big enough trunk for all your weekly shopping. There is a slight issue here of course, and that’s the fact that the Tigra is a two-seater. There’s no room in the back, period, aside from the trunk. As such, if you have a family, it’s best suited as a second car for the weekend. But single folk will love it because it’s a compact car and better yet, it’s a convertible.

That’s right the Tigra has a great convertible roof that folds down automatically, making it feel very modern. You can even get a sports model that has a few extra pieces to play with now and then, ensuring that it is a great drive too. This is typically seen as a car for the ladies, and it does seem quite feminine, as you can perhaps tell from the pictures. That makes it all the more perfect for moms who want something fun to whiz around in at the weekend. But how much will one of these little wonders go for? Well, you can pick one up for around ten thousand. As promised, these little convertibles are a lot cheaper than you’d perhaps imagine. However, if you want a bigger car, perhaps you should wait for the next one coming around the bend.

Volvo C70

Volvos are great cars, ultra reliable, spacious and the producer is current focused on making their vehicles on the market as safe as possible for the roads. Would you believe that they do have a budget-friendly convertible and this one as four seats? Well, you better because they do and it comes in the form of the Volvo C70. Established way back in 1997, the C70 was supposed to be a car that could compete with some of the sportier models on the market. At the time Volvo cars were seen as a little clunky and well, unpopular. That changed with the C70 and they are more than affordable. In fact preowned, you can grab one for around fifteen thousand. That’s not too shabby at all and the latest models won’t cost you much more than that either. You can learn more about pre owned vehicles by researching online. The best thing about these vehicles is that as well as being readily affordable, they also have everything a parent would need the best safety features to a great MPG rating. As well, like this, they are quite fun to drive too. As such, you won’t be going far wrong if you decide to invest in one of these.

Volkswagen Beetle (Convertible)

If you’re familiar with the Beetle, you’ll know what you’re getting into buying this car. It’s a fun little ride, perfect for small excursions and once again zipping around town or cities, due to its compact size. You’ll never have trouble finding a parking space for this little beauty? So, why not pick up a convertible model. Having a convertible of this car is a lot like putting a cherry on top of cake. It may not seem like much, but it certainly adds a little zing of flavour.

Typically, the convertible we’re talking about here is going to be a soft top, but it’s still a fantastic feature for a car like this. You’ll certainly think it was money well spent when you’re cruising down the road in the summer with the top down and the wind blowing through your hair. This isn’t a sports car, but as a convertible, it could certainly feel like one.

Going Electric - Smart Fortwo

Perhaps you would rather invest your money in a car of the future, and of course, we’re talking about electric cars. If you read which the wind is blowing, you can tell that the days of the gas car are numbered. There’s good news on that front though because there’s a stunning little fully electric car in the guise of the Smart Fortwo. While once again a compact choice, it does have the benefit of giving customers the option of going fully electric for just over twenty thousand. That’s an absolute steal for a brand new electric car, and you’ll be pleased to hear, unlike some other budget options this one has a rather good range. The fully automated convertible roof is a treat too, allowing you to put it down while the car is slow speeds.

You see, as it turns out convertible cars aren’t the luxury item people think. They can be completely affordable and will fit into your plans even if you don’t want to spend a fortune on a car. In fact, you could pick one up right now perhaps with the savings in your account, if you were so inclined. So treat yourself and start shopping for convertibles today.

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