Ask Away...: Five Amazing Kids' Playroom Ideas

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Five Amazing Kids' Playroom Ideas

If you have kids, you will know the feeling when you trip over toys everywhere in the house, and need to remove the cables of gaming consoles from the floor to vacuum. All parents face the same issues at one point, and seek alternative solutions. If your space is small, you can create a separate playroom outside of the main house, where kids can play and get entertained, without getting your house look untidy. Below you will find five different ideas on how to create a playroom for your kids to enjoy.

  1. Tree Houses
Kids love the outdoors, but you don’t want them to stay down in the woods all day. A great alternative is to build a custom treehouse for them in the bottom of the garden. You can keep an eye on them all the time, and they can be hiding and playing until late. Tree houses can be built from spare timber, and last for a long time. Get the kids some portable lights, outdoor essentials and loads of craft items, and they will be planning their next adventure for months.

  1. Separate Playrooms
If you are short of space inside the house, you might need to get a new building outside. While home extensions are expensive, you can get some DIY residential steel building kits that will do the job for less. You can also tailor the size and order custom colors, so your kids will feel at home. You might decide to decorate the room and re-purpose it as a workshop after the kids have all grown up.

  1. Craft Sheds
A wooden playhouse shed is a good idea if your kids love making a mess. They can keep all their paint, beads, and toys in the craft shed, instead of scattering it on the floor in your house. You can encourage them to use the craft shed if you decorate it to their taste, get electricity and a few speakers for them to listen to music. You might even install a small television on the wall and get some comfortable floor cushions for when they invite their friends over.

  1. Loft Conversions
You can turn your attic into a great play area for your kids for less than you would think. All you need is making the floor step-proof, some lighting, and insulation. Kids will love the play area up the staircase, and the fact that they cannot be seen by adults.

  1. Cellar Rooms
If you have a cellar, you can create a spooky room for your kids. Get some Halloween decoration and let them use their imagination. You can install some creative carpets for the kids to play on, and even allow them to paint the walls. Install some shelves and a craft table, and they will spend the entire school vacation there.
Whenever you feel like your kids are taking over your home with their toys and crafts, you have to think of a long term solution. Check for spare space in and around your home that can be turned into a playroom, and you will make them happy and content for a long time.

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