Ask Away...: Holidays Are Coming! Helpful Hacks To Prep Your Home For Guests

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Holidays Are Coming! Helpful Hacks To Prep Your Home For Guests

Whether you’re the world’s biggest Christmas fan or you’re a self-confessed Scrooge, there’s no getting away from the fact that we’re hurtling towards the holidays. In a matter of weeks, it’ll be time to gather around the table and tuck into a festive feast. If you’re hosting friends or family this year, planning ahead is always a good idea. Here are some helpful hacks to prep your home for guests.

When you’ve got extra bodies around, the last thing you need is to be falling over each other and struggling to find room to sit down, hang out and eat together. Now is the time to start a de-cluttering operation, which will enable you to maximize the space you have available and feel a little more comfortable when you’ve got guests staying. If your spare room is packed full of boxes or you can’t see the bed for piles of clothes, it’s wise to get started early. Go through each room individually, creating piles of things you want to keep, stuff you no longer want and items you could sell or donate to charity. Take a trip to the tip with anything you don’t need, drop some bags off at a thrift store and list any items you want to sell on an online auction site. When you’re down to the stuff you actually want to keep, tidy everything away. If you can’t find homes for clothing, shoes, outdoor coats, books, CDs or games, consider buying some storage boxes or adding more shelves or racks to your closet. Take advantage of space you have in the garage or the attic to prevent visible clutter and help you keep your home tidy. Once you’ve de-cluttered, you should find that your rooms look a lot larger and lighter.

Keeping cozy
Nobody wants their guests to be freezing cold. As it gets cooler by the day, it’s important to try and create a comfortable environment in your home. If you haven’t had the water heater serviced in a while or you’re worried about unusual noises coming from the boiler, call a plumber now. You don’t want to wait until the day before your loved ones arrive to sound the alarm. Nobody wants to spend Christmas huddled up in blankets and hundreds of layers. Look for local firms, do some research and get some recommendations. You want to look for a plumber who is committed to satisfying your plumbing needs, so take a look at reviews and testimonials from previous customers. Even if your heating system is ready and raring to go, it’s advisable to leave some extra blankets and throws in the guest room just in case your friends or family members feel the cold more than you do. If you’ve got an open fire in the living room, stock up on logs and firelighters to avoid last-minute shopping excursions.

Getting your guest room ready
Life can get very hectic around Christmas time, and nobody wants the added stress of having to gut a room the day before their nearest and dearest arrive. If your guest room is in a state or it needs a little TLC, the sooner you tackle it, the better. Tidy up, strip the beds and run the vacuum cleaner over the floors. If you get the bulk of the work done early, all you have to do later on is wash the linen, make the bed, lay out some clean towels and add those finishing touches. If you’re keen to go the extra mile and make your guests feel special this Christmas, you could create a little hamper to welcome them. Include a pair of slippers, some miniature toiletries, a small box of chocolates and a card, which includes the wifi code. It’s just a simple gesture, but it’ll help your visitors make themselves at home.

Once your home is ready and you’re counting down the days until your guests arrive, you can start planning some fun activities and working out how you’re going to make the most of the time you have together. If you get the boring jobs done early, you can relax later on. Take a bit of time to declutter, tidy up, and prep your guest room. If you’ve resorted to dumping stuff on the spare bed or the wardrobes are full of clothes you haven’t worn for years, this is a good excuse to throw away anything you don’t want or need and create more space. Make sure your home is clean and warm and add some personal touches to make your visitors feel welcome.

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