Ask Away...: How Spelling Mistakes Are Ruining Your Blog

Sunday, November 19, 2017

How Spelling Mistakes Are Ruining Your Blog

Nobody is perfect and every blogger is going to make the occasional spelling error in their posts. Most people won’t mind and though you might get the odd comment from somebody that likes to nitpick, it’s not going to stop people from reading your blog. However, if you start making mistakes all the time it can have more of an effect than you might realize. It affects the reader's perception of your blog and might even cause them to stop reading for good. These are the ways that you’re damaging your blog when you make spelling and grammar errors too often.

Slow The Reader Down

When somebody is reading your posts, every single mistake is going to slow them down a little. Smaller mistakes might just make them stop for a split second but if you make big errors, people are going to have to go back over and read it again. That’s annoying for readers and it means it’ll take them way longer to read your posts. It’s really going to put people off if they have to work hard to get through a post and they’ll just go looking elsewhere.

Bad grammar is one of the things that can make a sentence difficult to understand so if you’re not great at it, consider taking a course like AJ Hoge's Effortless English to brush up on your skills. You’d be surprised how much of a difference readability makes.

You Look Unprofessional

The best way to transform your blog from a hobby into a fully fledged business is to work with companies and brands to promote their products. They’re only going to choose to work with bloggers that are professional and take their site seriously. As soon as they see spelling errors on there, that immediately rings alarm bells. Somebody that doesn’t take the car to check their blog for spelling errors seems like somebody that doesn’t take it seriously. Whether that’s true or not, companies are going to steer clear.

It’ll also put readers off as well because if they’re going to come back to you, they need to be confident that your blog is a good, reliable source of information. Having lots of spelling errors seriously damages your credibility and makes readers think that you’re not necessarily trustworthy.

You Lose Clarity

If your posts don’t have a clear focus they aren’t going to be that interesting to readers. They need to be clearly saying something, otherwise, they’ll just read like a load of aimless waffle. Even if you do have a clear point, you can easily lose that if your sentences aren’t structured properly or you’ve made spelling mistakes. Readers won’t be able to understand what you actually mean and, to them, your posts will seem a bit pointless.

Don’t try to overcomplicate your writing and use words that you don’t really understand. You’ll make mistakes and people won’t understand the post. Instead, stick to simple language that everybody can pick up on and focus on good quality content over flashy writing.

Spelling and grammar errors don’t seem like they’re that important but they make a massive difference.

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