Ask Away...: Is It Time To Say Bye To Your Bad Boss?

Monday, November 27, 2017

Is It Time To Say Bye To Your Bad Boss?

A bad employer can make going to work each day a misery. Here are just some of the signs that you may be working for a bad boss and that your talents may be better put to use elsewhere.

Unfair expectations

Some employers expect too much of their staff. You may constantly find yourself being asked to work overtime or given unachievable goals. Too much pressure to work above and beyond is likely to make you unhealthily stressed. We all have to deal with heavy workloads now and again, but the pressure should never be so constant that you always feel like you’re trailing behind.

Too much micro-management

It can be a good sign when a boss rolls up their sleeves and gets involved in the dirty work. However, a good boss also knows when to show restraint and let people get on with daily tasks. If a boss is constantly interfering with your work and scrutinising your every move, it may start to feel like they have no trust in you and that you have no freedom within your role. You should talk to you employer about this and leave if they continue to persist.

No employee motivation

We all need a motivation to keep up the grind. If your employer makes no effort to motivate the team and everyone just feels like they’re running on a hamster wheel, it could be worth discussing this with your boss. On top of everyday motivations, there should be things on the horizon to aspire to such as the chance of promotion or a bonus to work towards or ever-changing work tasks.

No empathy for personal problems

An employer shouldn’t treat his employees like robots. Whilst a certain amount of professionalism is needed on the part of the employee, there are times when a boss should be sympathetic such as letting an employee take the day off due to illness or bereavement.

Compulsive lying

A good employer needs to be honest. If you know a boss is lying to you or you witness them constantly lying to clients, you could start to doubt everything that you’re doing.  

Breached contract laws

If you signed a legal contract when getting hired, your boss needs to abide by the rules that were originally set. For example, if you were promised amount of hours that you’re no longer receiving, this could be a breach of contract and a good reason to leave that employer and sue them. TUPE regulations may also apply if a new employer has taken over the business and made changes to rules that were protected when you first took the job. For example, a new employer can’t suddenly lower your wage without warning.

Workplace bullying

This is an obvious reason to leave a job. No employer should constantly belittle you or intentionally manipulate you into doing things you don’t want to do. Know your rights when it comes to workplace bullying.

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  1. Thank you for this post Ellen. I left my job after bullying. My boss and his longtime receptionist made my life hell. I caught them red handed when he sent her a text message regarding me to me instead of her. I was also attacked regarding my appearance.

    1. Oh my that's crazy!! I am so glad you got away from that!


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