Ask Away...: Less Is More: The Unexpected Benefits Of A Minimalist Bedroom

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Less Is More: The Unexpected Benefits Of A Minimalist Bedroom

If Pinterest is anything to go by, minimalism is everywhere at the moment. According to the online world, we should all get rid of our belongings, and simplify our lifestyles. Some go as far as to say this is a sure way to happiness. But, for the hoarders among us, the thought is too horrible to entertain. Belongings may be unnecessary baggage, but it's good to have some home comforts around when you sit down for an evening.

The good news is, if you’re happiest in a cluttered space, minimalism probably isn’t the right step for you. While it suits some, no interior trend will be a blanket for everyone. If you don’t feel like you could relax in a purely functional living room, then don’t. Leave those ornaments in place, and feel good about your decision.

But, even if you are discarding minimalism as a whole, there’s one room in the house which may benefit from the move. Our bedrooms are the first thing we see in the morning, and the last thing we see at night. While we don’t spend much time in them generally, they can play a significant part in how we approach each day. As such, an excessively cluttered bedroom could lead to trouble in other areas of your life. Be honest, here. If you feel claustrophobic when you wake up in the morning, you may enjoy a minimalist bedroom. Here’s why.

A clear room = a clear head

When you first wake up, it’s good to keep your mind as clear as possible. That way, you can leave all emotional baggage behind you, and start each day as fresh as possible. For obvious reasons, this goal can seem difficult to reach if you have mementos on your bedroom walls. Equally, bright colors early in the morning could increase feelings of anxiety.

In comparison, the clear space minimalism creates can work wonders for your mental health in the mornings. The first thing you’ll see is a blank white wall, full of possibility. When you step out of bed, your path will be clear and unobstructed. Plus, the addition of houseplants (a must-have for any minimalist room), will keep you feeling fresh and in touch with nature. Which of these sounds like the most appealing way to wake up?

Creates space

If you struggle for space in your bedroom as it stands, minimalism can also help you out. Many of us have to deal with smaller bedrooms than we’d like. And, we reason that it’s okay because they’re only for sleeping. But, this could be at the root of your claustrophobic feelings. Sure, it’s nice to have a cozy space to sleep in. But, if things are too close for comfort, it’s time to make a change. Lucky for you, it’s possible to achieve this goal without knocking any walls down.

Everything about the minimalist style can create the impression of space. White walls are fantastic for reflecting light and creating the sensation of space in the smallest rooms. Plus, the minimal amount of furniture necessary can free up floor space. Even the furniture you do have should be basic. Something as simple as an iron bed frame instead of a block wood one could work amazingly here.

Saves you money

An online search for the benefits of minimalism probably wouldn’t mention money saving. But, it is a plus point. If you want a new bedroom but can’t afford a full makeover, a minimalist design is the best of both worlds. It should go without saying that this is a cheap way to live. In fact, all you would really need to buy is a tin of paint, and a set of furniture, like the bedroom packages found at Bedroom Furniture Discounts. Oh, and don’t forget the expense of those all-important houseplants.

Once you’ve stocked up on those essentials, you’ll be ready to go. Forget spending a fortune on extra furniture, or colored cushions for the room. Remember that minimalism is all about the less is more theory. Few other makeovers would cost you this little.


So, it’s well worth considering a makeover like this. Even if you think you love bedroom clutter, the chances are that you’d enjoy the minimalist breath of fresh air. You never know; you could catch the bug. Or, you may want to keep the style exclusively for your bedroom. The impact is sure to be more extreme if this is the central fresh space in your house, after all.

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