Ask Away...: Making Your Beauty Routine Easier

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Making Your Beauty Routine Easier

Hygiene and beauty regimes, we love them and we hate them. A lot of us ladies have one: a beauty routine. Whether we do it in the morning or at night, it helps us feel productive, and makes us look and feel incredible. However, sometimes it can be a complete pain to try and get through, and that can be for a variety of reasons. You’re tired in the morning and just don’t have the energy, or you’re late to work or to meet a friend and the foundation is going to have to be sacrificed as a result. Or maybe you’re just not up to it every now and then.

Either way, you shouldn’t feel bad or that your skin is going to suffer. Instead, let’s look for little tips, tricks, and products, that are going to make the whole routine a lot easier. Here’s a list of personal favorites.


Make it Simple

Foundation was an incredibly useful invention for anyone looking to get a good base on their skin and complete their makeup look with a flawless finish. Whether you like the matte types that give you complete coverage, or you prefer the liquids that sweep onto your skin in smooth moves, sometimes you don’t actually need it! If your skin is clear, or you only have a couple of spots around the hairline or elsewhere, you likely don’t need your base.

Similarly, you probably don’t need to use powder to finish off your foundation look either. Just pop on your basecoat and apply everything else on top; it looks just as good! You can buy a foundation that doesn’t require powder at all.

Sometimes you don’t have to go all out and wash your hair every time the heat got a little too much for it; instead, just rinse it off in the shower with a bit of water and save the shampooing for the big do at the end of the week. You can even invest in some dry shampoo if that makes you feel a little cleaner, as this targets oily roots and spruces up your hair for a bit longer, allowing you to skip the morning shower you don’t have time for or desperately don’t want to take.

For the Eyes

Eyes. They have the most impact ability out of our facial features as they’re the first thing people notice about you. We see out of them, and that means we want the windows to our soul to look the best they can. A couple of tips here:

If you want to fill in your eyebrows, and let’s face it a lot of us do, try drawing on little hairs with your favorite pencil and then blend them out with the grain of the rest of your eyebrow hair. This way they look natural, and you’ll love the new definition in the mirror.

Save yourself the time of struggling through which eyeshadow to buy when you hit up that aisle of the drug store. If you have monolids, you can do away with any matte or dramatic shading techniques when it comes to eyeshadow. Instead, opt for shimmer palettes. Define your crease area with a little dark shadow, and you’ve succinctly managed your whole eye routine in one. You can go bright and look absolutely fantastic without any of the out-of-place connotations.

For the Lips

Lips are a tricky subject for a lot of us. We purse them and pout them in selfies, and try to maximise on that prominent smile when we’re out and about. However, normal things like eating and drinking can quickly get rid of the lipstick we love to wear, and give our lips that skin tint again.

You can stop this from happening by using a matte lippy, which is long lasting and combats most interruptions. You can also try layering your lipstick with pencils and blotting, as this means you have more there to wipe away, which makes your whole lip look a lot more durable.

In the off times, use lip scrubs to keep dry and dead skin off your puckers. You don’t even have to fork out for one as you can make your own easily with some brown sugar and honey, or a bit of olive oil if you’d prefer. Rub it on, then wash it off normally with some water. Make extra to keep in your own little tub and you’ve got yourself a lip scrub to last.

Use an All in One Product for Your Skin

A lot of research has gone into finding new formulas that have the best results for our skin, whilst being gentle and effective at the same time. There’s a lot of debate over whether you actually need to exfoliate and moisturize, but that doesn’t mean people don’t prefer to. However, if you have an all in one product, not only are you cutting down on the time it takes for your usual beauty steps, you’re also combining all three in a swift move which allows you to keep moisturizing when the doubters say no. Search around for the best drugstore micellar waters if you can’t afford the big brand stuff, and make sure you get an informed opinion or two.

If you’d prefer not to use this kind of solution, and like the process of exfoliating and moisturizing in the evening to relax, make sure you get products in the same range or brand, as they’re made to be used together. This gives you a better finish on your hard work than choosing the two cheapest and mixing them in your bathtime regime.

Beauty routines can be a bit of a saving grace, but also incredibly annoying when it comes to time, money, and effort. We’ve always been looking for ways to make things simpler whilst just as effective, so listen to the experts, and take advice from friends and family. Older women always have some good tips to check out that come from a trusted source!

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