Ask Away...: New Years Resolutions: Better Start Thinking Of Some!

Thursday, November 30, 2017

New Years Resolutions: Better Start Thinking Of Some!

The new year is well on its way, and with it should come a new and improved you. The new year is an annual milestone and a great place to start introducing changes into your life with a fresh outlook on life in the new year. If you’ve kept telling yourself that you will get started on something “tomorrow”, and throughout the whole year “tomorrow” was always tomorrow, then maybe this ceremonious occasion will be just the thing you need to push you over the edge. With a mere month left until new year’s eve, it is time to start thinking about your new year’s resolutions. Prepare to think big, and think smart, because life is short, and nothing gets done by itself. If you still cannot think of anything, or maybe need some inspiration, then keep reading as we go through three things you can finally catch up on in the new year that you’ve been delaying for way too long.

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Take that one holiday you always wanted

Might seem like a strange thing to think about in December, but no one said new year’s resolutions have to be taken care of in the immediate future. If there was that one place you’ve always wanted to go but have been held off either due to work or money constraints, start planning for it now. The world is beautiful, and not seeing it during your lifetime is probably a sin, because you might be seriously missing out. Maybe you will fall in love with your holiday destination and even decide to move there, who knows. New opportunities often show themselves in the most unlikely scenarios.

Change of workplace

Not happy with your current job? Is your boss giving you a hard time? Are you having not having weekends off despite asking for them for the past year? Is your wallet feeling emptier by the minute? Studies have shown that most people are not actually happy with their job, but continue going to the office regardless. It might be time to finally pull the trigger on your job search or career change and do something about it. Have you always wanted to be a nurse?  You can even get started with some msn fnp programs online much sooner than you think. Want to launch a career in IT hardware and networking? There’s a course for that as well. What better time to get started than now?

Image source: Pexels

Get fit!

It would be safe to say that the large majority of people living on this planet have at one point thought to themselves, “I should really start taking care of myself.”. The majority of people have also completely disregarded that prophetic thought, and decided to go and get pizza. If you are one of those people, the new year is a great time to start introducing positive lifestyle changes which could easily help you get in shape. Better sleeping habits, better dietary choices, and most importantly, at least some exercise. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with everything at once, so just take it step by step, but please, do actually get started.

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  1. I am looking for a career change. I have been actively looking but so far no luck 😢


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