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Sunday, November 26, 2017

Pimp Your Ride!

Sitting in the garage outside is your key to freedom. Cars cost a lot of money; from buying them to the insurance to keeping them filled with gas. Despite this, it’s far more freeing to have a car in your garage than it is to rely on public transport for your daily needs. Choosing to upgrade your car doesn’t always mean buying a new one and upgrading your car could be a fun project. Changing the way your vehicle looks can also change the way your vehicle runs, so it’s important that you do some research before you embark on this particular adventure.
You don’t necessarily have to sell your luxury car to get a new upgrade, and while the Ferrari selling process isn’t too taxing, if you can pimp your ride instead of having to go through the process of buying a new car, why wouldn’t you? You get the chance to get creative when it comes to upgrading your car, so check out our tips below and see what changes you could make to improve the look of yours!
Tires. Your tires are an important part of your car; without them, your car cannot run. However, did you know that your tires could be putting you in danger if they’re not the right tread? Checking out this link can help you to figure out what tires work for your car and at the right time of year. Summer tires in the winter, for example, are going to cause more issues for you than problems that get solved. Always do some research on the tires that fit your needs so that you can upgrade correctly and safely.
Rims. While we are on the subject of tires, the rims being changed can really add a fresh new look to your car. Some people do have a tendency to go overboard here, though, with glittery rims. This may be a fun way to add some decoration to your car, but there are limits. You can use visualization tools at most places, so you can check out what the new rims you’ve chosen look like before you install them on your car and make a costly mistake you’re only going to regret.
Suspension. The improvements that you make on your car can be performance improvements rather than cosmetic ones. Looking at your handling of your car is a good way to decide whether that side needs an upgrade. By upgrading your suspension, you can improve the handling of the car and give it far better ride quality simply by choosing new suspension.
Tech. Some of the best upgrades that can be done to your vehicle come from technology upgrades. Cars have amazingly complex computers within them that regulate the functions in the car. You can choose to upgrade these computers to increase the fuel economy of the car, or you can install new satellite navigation and sound systems in the car to upgrade the tech that way. Installing air conditioning and parking sensors into your car if it’s an older model is a great way to make your car look great and run better, too.
Brakes. Stopping your car is just as important as going, everyone knows this. Any time you want to take your car to an auto shop, you should be considering upgrading your brakes. Brake upgrades are one of the best things you can do for your vehicle and your safety, so upgrade to the best!
Sound System. We mentioned this in tech upgrades earlier on, but sound systems in the car deserve their own mention. Many of the original sound systems in older models aren’t great, and with the speed that technology is developing, you will have noticed that you can upgrade to technology that allows you to use Wi-Fi to play music. A nice sound system for the whole car is better than just a loud one.
Interiors. Nearly every car is fitted with seats that are designed to fit people. However, not every car is comfortable. Stock seats might make good business sense for a company, because they’re one size fits all. That doesn’t, however, account for the comfort of the user. If you have the spare cash and can upgrade to more ergonomic seating, then you should absolutely do it. Not only can you find seats that are in a different material than you are previously used to, you can also upgrade to seats that are better supportive to your back and legs. Trust us when we say that your passengers will thank you for this!
Respray. If you don’t take your car for a cleaning often, you need to start now. If the colour of your car is starting to fade, you can remedy this with a fresh respray of paint. You can change the entire look of the car with a colour change, and you can bring an older looking model into the present day with a new coat on it. Keep the car waxed, polished and clean often and you can keep it looking as new as possible.
Oil Change. Okay, so this one is a given rather than an upgrade, but you should be getting the oil in your car changed regularly to keep your car running smoothly. Stick with the same oil that your car is used to, but take some advice from a professional about the amount of times you should get that oil changed at all. Older cars don’t often do better with the synthetic oils you can buy, but it’s worth the experiment if your car becomes cheaper to run. Again, get the right advice so you can make the best decision possible for your car.
Tuning up your car isn’t as complex as the online manuals would suggest, but it can be pricey depending on how much you want to change in your vehicle. The upgrades you make can give your car a better look, better safety rating and more power. Take the upgrades that you can get!

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