Ask Away...: Traditionally Practical Items For The Home

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Traditionally Practical Items For The Home

Many home decor pieces nowadays are inspired by the post-modern culture that they are designed in. the straight lines which are large and long, give the sofas that we sit on, a little less character than we might like to hope. Yet the traditional items that we would often shun in favor for something that’s been designed more so in the latest era or decade. This can only be attributed to a mentality whereby we like to think that the more ‘new’ or ‘fresh’ something is, the better it's going to be, which is simply not the case. Not falling for this kind of narrative is difficult for some people especially, which is why when we think of traditional items in the home, our minds go back to a simpler time of previous centuries. We should be giving each item, and function to the home that it brings, a separate platform and not judge them all as one. Our homes should be a paradise for us, and somewhere we can be surrounded by things that fit our personality.

Source Met Museum

Veranda tea table

Very popular during the times of Queen Victoria the first, the breakfast table began to catch on in all four corners of the United Kingdom. This table is almost always round in shape, with a center support leg, which stretches out with four smaller supports nearer to the bottom. This kind of style is more than likely going to be pure pale white. Because it's normally out in the sunshine, the color white was very popular, and symbol of wealth. This table can, in fact, be a great member of the lounge area, where you can bring your friends in to have tea and coffee. Usually, the table is made out of a lighter wood that makes it not very difficult to move around. Something like oak would be great, as it's not as dense as other woods and is able to be carved with precision. The round lip of the piece is also something that should be looking for as it should be hanging or protruding downward from the ceiling of the flat piece.

Image by shadowfirearts

Standalone bath

We’ve all watched the period dramas that have this kind of bath. It's basically the shape of a distorted egg, that is one piece and relies on the elegance of its shape to allure you in. It may be seen as simplistic by some, but actually, the design is very well thought out. The curves are there for a reason, and they swirl and play with the hot water and the steam to make sure the temperature of the water is circulated and doesn’t drop off quite so quickly. This kind of bath used to be very popular in Georgian times and indeed, very widely spread out in the Wild West of America. The modern variation is a beautiful freestanding bathtub, that is neatly shaped and takes on the lines of a boat. Great for people who want to sit upright in the bath, as most bathtubs that come with homes these days don’t feature a back support. It's very deep set as well, which allows large amounts of water to be present in the bathtub, often bringing up the levels to chest height; perfect for prolonged relaxation.

Photo by VinnyCiro

socializing lounge chairs

Unlike the chair designs that are made for lounge rooms today, the traditional designs were made for the gentlemen and ladies of stature in the traditional sense. Nowadays it's easy to see that comfort is paramount in these chairs which are made for lounge areas. You see them, great big hulking items that are more cushion than a chair, and they feel like miniature sofas, where one could quite happily put their feet up and have them dangle over the edge. However, the traditional lounge chairs were taken from the idea of a smoking room. They were themselves, made by great craftsmanship, that knew these types of chairs would be used by high-class people in business, trade and politics. So, dark wood is used and rolling, swirling artistry for the armrests is observed, and the back support is less wide than the bottom cushion. This allows the individual sitting, to move their hips and legs quite freely, and change position while still remaining comfortable.

If traditional decor is your thing, you realize that comfort sometimes is sacrificed in favor of practicality and function. Whether you’re after a freestanding bathtub that can be moved around, deep set and made for prolonged bathing or a traditional lounge chair that is built for good posture, this kind of decor is beautiful and still relevant today.

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