Ask Away...: A Fresh Lick Of Paint: A New Look For Your Home

Monday, December 18, 2017

A Fresh Lick Of Paint: A New Look For Your Home

Your world is your oyster, and in a similar manner, our homes are where our hearts are. And this is for very good reason! We spend a lot of time on making sure they look good, both inside and out, and we should let ourselves bask in that knowledge. So that means we should refresh our personal surroundings, and on a more architectural level; it doesn’t have to be hard to change. Here’s some ideas of what to paint.

Target the Roof

It’s good to start with the outside of the house, as appearances are often everything. Working top down is the easiest, as you get the hard stuff out of the way first and don’t damage any other renovation you’ve made! So with that in mind, roof tiles can get a little boring when they’re just black or red bricked and look like every other house on the street.

First of all, make sure the structural integrity of your roof is up to scratch. If not, contact a roofing company to either conduct a check or quote a price for a new one. Then try out a good clean of the tiles; washing away the grime, mold, and moss gives you the best canvas to work with. Only then should you turn to painting your roof to give yourself a little more curb appeal and a fresh and funky new look.

Paint Your Fence

If you’re lucky enough to have a picket fence around your front garden, give it either the traditional white glossy look, or paint it a color that you and your family love. Personal touches like these just add to the value, and you’ll enjoy spending time outside a lot more with a good drink whilst reclining on a lounger.

A calm blue is cozy for a local neighbourhood, and an autumnal brown is good for a natural hue. Either way, both these colors will look fantastic on your own lawn.

Target Your Kitchen Walls

Your kitchen could always do with a fresh lick of paint. We spend a lot of time in there during the day, and ultimately during our lives, so keeping it interesting is a good idea. Yet, you don’t want to choose the wrong kind of paint to decorate your tiles with as the kitchen is a practical use room and making cleaning harder isn’t going to do anyone any favors.

Use interior paints, but make sure they don’t have a matte effect to them. Try out something with a latex base, which works best on kitchen cabinets. You’ll want it to look glossy around the counters and cooker, and smooth around where you eat. Similarly, you’ll want to invest in good colors that promote connections with food and family, such as reds and greens. These speak to the environment, as well as leafy greens to chow down on, and calmer hues of these colors make it a good room to relax in.

There’s plenty of variance to be had with paint!

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