Ask Away...: A Fresh Start: Getting Active In 2018

Thursday, December 21, 2017

A Fresh Start: Getting Active In 2018

There’s no better time than the new year to begin making healthier lifestyle choices with your family. Busy family life can often get in the way of an active and healthy lifestyle; however, the more you do, the more you’ll be able to achieve, and your abilities and fitness will strengthen as a result. Getting everyone in your household involved in some positive lifestyle changes will help you to motivate each other, and you’ll achieve your fitness and health goals far sooner than you would alone. It’s not about restrictions on not having any fun (especially when you have kids); you are making improvements and enhancing your current way of life for a happier year ahead.

Making 2018 the year you and your family begin changing the way you live your life for the better will ensure that it’ll be your most positive and proactive yet. There are an array of areas to consider regarding improving your wellbeing, so get out that notebook and pen and begin jotting down where you think needs an upgrade. The following are some ideas, inspiration, and motivation for parents who are ready to take on the challenges the new year has in store by improving their family’s health and wellbeing; giving them the fresh start they deserve.

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Get Moving And Improve Fitness

Exercise isn’t just about changing the look of your body; it will keep your circulation going and improve heart health. Making sure that you do something active every day, both with and without your kids, will also release plenty of endorphins so that your mind is in a positive place and you can better deal with family challenges and life. Gym bunnies often find that it’s a chance to escape for awhile, and the exercise clears their head and resets their train of thought. Many gym goers work on building their muscle so that they have targets and goals to work towards; sites like can explain how people can further build muscle mass and will give you an idea of an array of methods you can utilise.

Once you’ve had your own time in the gym or at a fitness class; it’s time to take those little ones to the park or a play area outside so that you can all benefit from some fresh air (and running around playing tag). Being active should become a normal part of family life, no matter what the weather, so wrap up and get outside today!

Feed And Fuel Your Bodies

Nobody wants to cut out all their favourite treats from their diet; so, don’t! However, you can fill up on nutritious meals each day, so that there is just enough room for that biscuit or piece of chocolate. Look into filling and warming meals; you can pack a lot of vegetables into a stew or a casserole, and they are perfect winter warmers at this time of year. You want to ensure that your feeding and nourishing your bodies as a family, and food will become a positive and healthy part of 2018, for a great year ahead.


  1. This and heating healthy is going to be our primary focus in 2018, we slipped up majorly in 2017.


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