Ask Away...: Get Your Blog’s First Impressions Right With These Tips

Friday, December 8, 2017

Get Your Blog’s First Impressions Right With These Tips

What do people see and experience when they visit your blog for the first time? The sight they’re greeted by will dictate whether they stick around and explore or head back where they came from. So if you’re wondering why you have such a high bounce rate, it’s probably because your blog is not giving people the right first impressions when they first visit it.

Luckily for you, it’s more than possible for you to change those first impressions; you just need to give it some thought and put some effort into the changes you make. Speaking of which, here are the key changes to consider.

Ensure It Loads Quickly

First of all, you need to make sure that your website loads up quickly when people try to visit it. These days, people don’t have much patience for blogs that are slow to load, so you could lose out on visitors who leave before the page even loads. Test the speed of your blog and take steps to improve it if you notice any problems. Switching to a new hosting service might be the best thing to do if you need to make it faster.

Work On Your Landing Page

The landing page of your website is clearly one of the most important parts of your website because it’s the first thing people will usually see of your blog. If they don’t like it, they won’t stick around for very long at all. If you have a WordPress landing page, there are lots of ways in which you can improve it, including hiring an external company to fix it up for you. It’s the aspect of your blog that you should spend the most time on.

Make it Clear Where Visitors Should Click

Calls to action are meant to make it clear to visitors where they should click and how they can get to the stuff they're most interested in reading. The best way to do this is to provide clear categories that divide up the blog into its various sections and subjects. This will provide users with a clear route to what they’re looking for, and that has to be a good thing for them. Remove any confusion or messiness that obscures the important content of the blog.

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The Text Needs to be Clear and Easy to Read

Readability is another important factor to consider when you’re looking to improve the first impressions of your blog. No one wants to be greeted by text that blends into the background or is too small. Anything that makes the words harder to read than they should be will detract from the content of your website and give people very negative first impressions of the blog as a whole. Analyse the blog’s text and make changes if you have any doubts at all about it.

Keep it Fresh and Updated

If someone visits your website and the first thing they see is some content that’s old and out of date, they’re clearly not going to be impressed by that. They will probably assume that your blog is inactive and they won’t bother checking back to see if that’s changed in the future. In the world of blogging, few things are worse than inactivity. Once your blog becomes inactive, it’s dead and that’s that. You should make sure that your homepage always contains fresh content.

Make it Responsive

Your blog definitely needs to have a design that’s fully responsive; people expect this from the websites they visit these days. A responsive design basically means that the blog is able to respond and readjust to the screen on which the user is viewing it. It means that visitors can visit and read your blog whenever and however they want to. That’s important because the control should always be in the hands of your readers. They’re the people who matter most.

Avoid Pop-Up Adverts

People definitely don’t want to be bombarded with a barrage of adverts when they first visit your website. It’s a sure-fire way to turn visitors against your blog, and they might even cause those people to turn away and leave your blog right away. Of course, you might want to add some small ads such as banner ads, and that’s fine. But resist the temptation to add pop-up adverts because people really don’t like those. That’s not too hard to understand.

First impressions matter because if they’re bad, you’re going to lose a visitor right away and they won’t come back for a second visit. So start working how you can improve the first impressions people get of your blog today.

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